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  • "Dragovich brainwashed you, but Reznov had plans of his own. He was never in Vietnam. The real defector with the Nova Six dossier died during the attack on MAC-V. He was never in the rat tunnels. He was never at Rebirth Island. Viktor Reznov's been dead for five years. He died at Vorkuta during the escape! All the years you thought he was with you. That was just in your mind!"
  • "That’s why it worked...It was their attempt at MK-Ultra. Dragovich programmed you to kill Kennedy, but Reznov sabotaged you. He wanted revenge for all that Dragovich had done to him. Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner. Three new victims. There are gaps in your memory. Periods where you went MIA and we couldn’t account for you. But now that the brainwashing’s been broken, all that lost time will come back. "
  • "We need to leave....The Nova 6 strike is imminent. Hundreds of sleeper agents, hidden in every state capitol, are about to unleash this poison on your own countrymen."
  • "When Steiner died we lost our key to unlocking the location of number broadcasts...You were programmed in Vorkuta to translate the number codes. Only you can tell us what the codes mean. Nova 6 was just one of the sleeper operations. But I’m sure there were others...ones we didn’t even know about."
  • "We have the broadcasts, we played them to you over and over again for hours, but we haven’t been able to break through your programming yet. Mason, this is our last shot. Listen, for God’s sake, listen again."
  • "Do not fuck with me Mason, I know when you're lying!"
  • What did you hope to learn from the Defector? (New quotes due to update)

Quotes/Questions said by Hudson in the main menuEdit

  • "The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?"
  • "You said it was Cuba. What happened in Cuba?"
  • "Was Castro involved?"
  • "I know when you're lying."
  • "You killed him, Mason. You did, no one else, just you."
  • "Who are you working for?"
  • "You can stop all this now."
  • "It's up to you, Mason. It's all up to you."
  • "Focus, Mason. Try to remember."
  • "You just have to remember."
  • "You know why you're here."
  • "We're running out of time."
  • "Why did you do it, Mason? Why?"
  • "Why did you trust him?"
  • "How can you be sure you know what really happened?"
  • "Kennedy himself gave the order?"

"You just need to remove her."