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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

"Break's over, Roach. Let's go."
— Soap to Roach in Cliffhanger. Also his first words in the Modern Warfare Series.
"...Too right, mate. Now in the eyes of the world, they're the victims. Nobody's gonna say a word when the Russians club every American they can reach."
— Soap, "Takedown" pre-cutscene.
"Price?... This belongs to you, sir."
— Soap, giving back the M1911 he received during "Game Over" to Captain Price in "The Gulag".
"We've got one good UMP. They've got a thousand."
— Soap, in the cutscene before "Just Like Old Times"
"Dogs. I hate dogs."
— Soap, "Contingency", when Price mentions a German Shepherd.
"Roach? Ghost? Come in, Ghost. Do you copy? Does anyone copy?"
— Soap, in "The Enemy of My Enemy" pre-cutscene.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

"Price... you need to know. Makarov... knows... Yuri..."
— Soap's last words before his death in "Blood Brothers".

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