Joshua Tanker
Tanker CoD UO
Appears in Call of Duty: United Offensive
Rank Captain
Affiliations 101st Airborne Division
Birth Before 1920
Death Noville, January 13th, 1945
Weapon Thompson

Captain Josh Tanker was a Captain from the 101st Airborne Division appearing in Call of Duty: United Offensive. He mounted an 11th Armored Division Sherman tank. He appeared at the end of the second mission to attack a German bunker at the German-held intersection. Tanker replaced Captain Keirsey after he was killed in Bastogne. He participated in the successful assault on the village of Foy during "The Battle of the Bulge". Captain Tanker was killed when his tank was destroyed by a direct hit from a Panzerschreck in Noville. A replacement was never sought for his rank.