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Into the Jungle
Allies vs. Axis
Guadalcanal, South Pacific
Type of Combat
Mostly short range combat with occasional medium range
Campaign Map
For other uses see, see Jungle.

Jungle is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS). It takes place in a jungle with heavy foliage and bunkers. It is based on the campaign level "Into The Jungle". A Submachine gun is a great choice for this map, but Rifles can also be good as well.

Trivia Edit

  • There is an unusable M4 Sherman on this map.
  • This is one of the few maps where a Panzerschreck is available for use.
  • Within just days after the release of Call of Duty: World at War DS, this level was one of the first and one of the most popular levels to use a certain glitch which really annoyed a lot of players over worldwide Nintendo Wi-Fi matches.

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