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34-15 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

x1.5 Head

Weapon Class

Submachine gun

Magazine Size

32 rounds (48 w/ Extended Mags)
30 rounds (Extinction)

Starting Ammunition

32+192 (SP), 32+64 (MP)
30+120 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

32+224 (SP), 32+192 (MP)
30+300 (Extinction)

Reload Time

2.5s mid, 3.2s empty

Rate of Fire

895 RPM (1053 RPM w/ Rapid Fire)

Range (explanation)

K7 range CoDG


Very High



Fire Mode


Used by

Ghosts, Federation

Cost (Extinction)$2000
Squad Points8
"Fully automatic. Integrated silencer allows for best effective silenced range in its class."
— Description.

The K7 is a submachine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Like the Honey Badger and the VKS, it has an integrated Silencer.


The K7 is part of Logan Walker's starting loadout in "The Ghost Killer". It is also used by enemies in "Sin City" and "Severed Ties".

It can be a good alternative for players who are used to using the Honey Badger in earlier levels. Like all weapons in the campaign, and unlike its multiplayer counterpart, it can kill most Federation soldiers in a single headshot, even at longer ranges. Combined with its moderately low recoil, this makes the K7 a viable weapon to use even on harder difficulties. 


Due to its integrated Silencer, the K7 is able to accept more attachments than other weapons in its class, though this comes at the sacrifice of other barrel-related attachments such as Muzzle Brake. In effect, it can be equipped with a total of four attachments with the use of Extra Attachment.

The K7 has the best effective silenced range of any SMG, though its damage at long range is very low. At its periphery it will take seven shots to kill, which is one of the lowest long range damages of any weapon in Ghosts. This makes it a perfect weapon for small maps and up-close engagements where its longer three shot kill range and high rate of fire are most effective. The K7 is a stealthy weapon because of its integrated silencer, so all of the Stealth perks are very useful accompanying it. This will allow the player to stay off the radar by default when firing, and allows the player to not worry about devices that will be detrimental to the player, such as multiple SATCOMs, players who are notified of the death location, etc.. It has surprisingly low recoil considering its rate of fire, which makes accurate shooting at medium to long ranges viable thanks to the very clear iron sights, though its very low damage at these distances won't be forgiving. A Grip can lower this recoil even further, while the use of Rapid Fire will increase it. Rapid Fire can be an interesting choice on the K7; even though it has very low damage at long range and the increased recoil will throw the sights off at these distances, its effective three shot kill range and high base rate of fire can be very potent on a map such as Strikezone or Tremor.

The K7 was buffed on the April 3rd patch, along with most other SMGs, to make it a more competitive weapon. It received a 35% increase in its minimum damage range, meaning its damage will not drop off as quickly as it did before. This is very beneficial because the K7 has the lowest long range damage in the SMG class, and it will now be more competitive with other longer range weapons in its class.


The K7 appears in the map Awakening and Exodus costing $2000. It is not the best choice statistically, as most of the other submachine guns have a higher amount of ammo in the magazine, as does some of the other fully-automatic weapons in the game mode. It has a high rate of fire, however.





Under BarrelEdit



For attachment images, see K7/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see K7/Camouflage.


  • The word  "상 " can be seen on the iron sights; it is Korean for "phase".
  • The K7's serial number is 00100TH.
  • The K7 has a single, back-up iron sight on the front sight, above the circle.
  • When optics are equipped, neither the front or back sight is flipped down.
  • In Extinction, when the Muzzle Brake is attached, it does not replace the integrated silencer. Instead, it is attached to the end of the silencer.
    • Also when the Muzzle Brake is equipped, the silencer loses the reduced muzzle flash but keeps the reduced noise for the most part.

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