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"The place is a fortress. Only one way in or out, unless you've learnt to fly."
Captain MacMillan

Karlstejn Castle is a castle near Prague featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In Modern Warfare 3, it serves as an Inner Circle stronghold, where Yuri and Captain Price sneak into to find Makarov but instead learn of Alena Vorshevsky's location.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Edit

Baseplate Castle Simulation Stronghold MW3

Drone simulation of Karlstejn Castle.

Background Edit

According to MacMillan the castle has been under watch by drones since Zakhaev's day due to it being suspected as an Ultranationalist base. After it was freed of suspicion, Makarov used it as a weapons cache in preparation for World War III.

Infiltration Edit

Due to it only having one entry and exit point for ground units, Captain Price and Yuri enter by parachuting to its side. They find tons of enemy infantry and vehicles occupy it but still continue towards the control room and soon reach the castle's prison filled with POWs and guards. They cut off the power to the lights and try to sneak through but are soon discovered by a guard throwing emergency flares around. After fighting their way outside while being careful not to kill too many innocent lives, they find that the castle was still under construction before Makarov's men infiltrated it and use the scaffolding and platforms to get under the control room. Soon, they blast their way into the control room without alerting anyone by timing the explosion with a thunderclap. A climb up a few beams allows them to watch a video conference between Makarov and Alexi that reveals the location of Alena Vorshevsky in Berlin. After the two Russians disconnect, Captain Price and Yuri drop down into a kitchen below while simultaneously setting off C4 that they planted earlier in strategic points around the castle to cause confusion on where they really are. They retreat back to a jeep which they use to forcefully leave the castle and drive off a cliff while jumping off and opening their parachutes to ensure they can't be followed. Nikolai extracts them by helicopter once they land in the forest below.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Edit