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  • Near one of the power generators on the stage, there is some writing. The only word that can be recognized is "Project."
    • On the Nintendo Wii, it says "Jr. Projectionist" in that same spot.
  • In the Pack-a-Punch room, there are pictures of a zombie and a Hellhound. These can also be found in Der Riese and "Five".
  • It seems that the Wunderwaffe DG-2 was originally supposed to be in the map, as there are unused sound files of the characters' reactions to getting the Wunderwaffe from the Mystery Box.
  • After every use, the Teleporter must cool down, then be re-linked to the mainframe. The cool down session takes approximately two minutes.
  • Takeo looks significantly older and has a mustache and Dempsey is much more dirty and covered in scars than in the previous maps.
  • At the Mystery Box spawns, there is a map showing the cinema. It also shows the location of the mystery box; the location(s) are marked by green lights. Keep in mind that the location can be seen only after the power has been turned on.
  • The Mystery Box can be located by a blue vertical glow to the sky. However, it is very hard to tell where the box is as the light can only be seen from the alley (as it's the only outdoor area on the map), and since the map takes place during daytime, the glow is almost invisible.
  • After opening the upstairs room and going behind the wall, the player can see text that says "The element is here," an obvious reference to Element 115.
  • A musical easter egg can be found by using the action button on three rocks of Element 115. One is in the lobby, where the player starts the game. Another one is in the dressing room, close to the MP5K. The last one is in the small room at the top of the stairs by the alley, on the shelf near the window to the alley. After activating all three rocks the song "115" by Kevin Sherwood and Elena Siegman starts to play.
  • There is always music playing on during the match. It is only possible to hear it when there are no Zombies nearby, due to the fact that it plays very quietly. The song is "Damned" by Kevin Sherwood, the music of the menu. The same goes for "Five".
  • After the player spawns, the player can open the room to the left and look at the books scattered on the floor. One of them says "Edward Richtofen".
  • Some of the random rooms have a video reel that can be picked up and put into the projector to view the video.
  • Once the power is turned on, a rumbling can be heard and pieces of the roof crumble. Zombies can jump through these holes and Gas Zombies crawl along the walls through them.
  • There are two radios located on this map. One is located in the hanging chandelier in the theater and the other is located on a building (specifically, a Berlin wall guard tower) seen from the window in the alley closest to Double Tap Root Beer. It can be seen using a sniper rifle.
  • In the theater room inside the first window on the left is a note that says "IGNOMO JUBILUS" which in Latin roughly translates to "Laughable mistake", or a disgrace to shout.
  • The bar in the starting room contains several perk bottles and a bottle of vodka. These are unusable, however.
  • On the Nintendo Wii, there is a purchasable AUG under the Sentry Gun on the Stage.
  • If the player is in split-screen, if the players go to the Pack-a-Punch room, the clock on the wall above the Pack-a-Punch will read different for each player.
  • If the player goes to the Dressing Room to the barrier being lit up with a greenish light, the player should be able to hear something thumping in one of the dressing crates.
  • In the dressing room, on the small section of wall to the right of the MP5K, above the clothing rack there are three names vertically written in chalk. Samantha, Emilia, and Abigail with hearts on either side of the names.
  • In the Pack-a-Punch room, there is writing on a bulletin board that reads "Durchhalten Männer, wir machen sie fertig" which translates to "Hold on men, we'll finish them." Underneath that a message reads "Ja, ja, sicher!" which translates to "Yes, yes, sure!"
  • Sam's destroyed room has a small table with a teddy bear sitting at it. On the table, are orange, red, blue, and green bottles. These are the Double Tap Root Beer, Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Speed Cola bottles, respectively.
  • Several pods are in the theater containing what appear to be monkeys. There is also one pod by one of the curtains appear to have broken open as if whatever was inside it broke out.
  • The Eye of Providence appears in two places on this map. First is under the staircase, on a canister where the frozen human like figure is, and second is on a book inside a zombie barricade.

The Lobby

  • Some pictures of what appear to be early drawings of Kino der Toten can be found on the Central Intelligence Agency Data system under the Dreamland username vbush.

    The Theatre


    The Alley

  • If subtitles are enabled, the loading screen's comic misspells Richtofen as "Richtofan" on the Xbox 360 and PC version. However, on the PlayStation 3, it is spelled correctly.
  • In the room that has the letters on the shelves, some of the letters sprawled across the floor spell "Manhattan Down". This is also seen in the loading screen intel.
  • "Knowledge itself is for the taking" can be seen scrawled above the power switch, although it is hard to read.
  • A trailer for Kino der Toten that has never before been seen was released during the Call of Duty XP event. It can be seen here.
    • In the trailer it shows Takeo about to fire a crossbow when the first-person model is Richtofen's hands. This is the same with Dempsey about to fire a Mustang and Sally having the first-person model of Nikolai.
  • There are numerous posters scattered around the map which say "Faust" and have a demon face drawn on them. This is a reference to the 1926 German horror movie "Faust - Eine Deutsche Volkssage"
  • In some countries and the portable version of the game the swastika on flags are replaced with a German eagle logo.
  • On the Nintendo Wii version, the pods scattered around the map are missing.
    • Only one radio can be heard when shot at, however, two of them can be found.
    • There is no orange glow on the Thundergun.
  • In the alley, if you look at the buildings to the left of the door, you can see the construction of the German TV tower "Fernsehturm."
  • In the fourth intro picture of this map, it shows the characters entering the teleporter that sent them from Der Riese to Kino der Toten. In the fifth it shows them doing so.
  • On the chalkboard in the Pack-a-Punch room, there are a few legible pieces of writing scribbled beside pictures and equations:
    • "Experiment 935 was successful"
    • "Everything can be based off this model"
    • "Schwarze sonne (German for "black sun")"
    • "114 Uuq"
      "115 Uup"
    • "Tomorrow the project will move into full production"
    • "Why (sic) is up? Why won't it work?"
    • "I know it was you Richtofen" (In Der Riese also)
    • "Help"
    • "Energy Momentum"
  • The sign in the alleyway reads "deutsches sol kino" its English meaning reads "German Cinema Such"
  • Originally, this map was supposed to be included in Call of Duty: World at War's Map Pack 4, but was scrapped due since it was too close to the Modern Warfare 2 release date.

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