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Knee Deep
Call of Duty: World at War
Marine Raiders vs Imperial Japanese Army
Peleliu Island, Palau, South Pacific Mandate, Japan
Console Codename (PC)
Zombies Map
Shi No Numa
"'Knee Deep' takes place on the island of Peleliu in a once tranquil village turned chaotic Japanese command center."
— Level description

Knee Deep is one of the maps available in the first Call of Duty: World at War map pack. It is set in a village in Peleliu with the opposing sides being the Imperial Japanese Army and the Marine Raiders.[1] Knee Deep takes place on the island of Peleliu in a once tranquil village turned chaotic Japanese command center. Aiming to retrieve the valuable intel housed in the command post, troops fight through the jungle, wade knee deep in streams and take battle positions in fortified Japanese bunkers to secure this important communication center. Ideal for all combat scenarios and designed for larger team games and objective matches.



  • An image in World at War's game files named loadscreen_mp_kneedeep.iwi shows an early variant of Knee Deep with what was possibly a drivable Sherman tank in front of a wooden hut.
  • If the player goes underwater in spectate mode in the streams that go through the map, a big splash can be heard and when underwater the character's desire for air can be heard. When exiting, the player will gasp for air even though one is in spectate mode.


  1. New Downloadable Content Announced!

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