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Krupin Wounded
Appears in Call of Duty 3
Rank Private
Affiliations 90th Infantry Division, Engineer Battalion
Nationality American
Status Alive (as of 1944)
Sex Male
Race Caucasian
Weapon M1897 Trenchgun
"Damn Germans took out my whole squad!"
— Pvt. Krupin

Krupin was a member of the 90th Infantry's engineer battalion who fought during World War II.


Krupin is an engineer that went missing. Pvt. Doherty, a medic, is seen fixing him up after the player, Dixon, and Guzzo split from Huxley. Before splitting with Huxley, Krupin provided details of what happened before regrouping with the squad. He and his squad found a squad of Germans up ahead in an enemy storage depot and his entire squad was killed while he was wounded. The squad then advances towards the storage depot. They regroup once they clear the storage depot and the barricade about a couple of kilometers away.

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