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League Shields are a purchasable item in Call of Duty: Heroes available in the shop. When bought with Celerium, they will prevent the player from losing points due to no PvP wins in a day, thus preventing any loss of league score that may set them back a division. Note that they do not prevent the player's base from being attacked, as that is fulfilled by the normal Shield.

The length of the shields and their costs are shown below:

  • 1 Day League Shield - 50 celerium
  • 2 Day League Shield - 100 celerium
  • 3 Day League Shield - 150 celerium
  • 4 Day League Shield - 200 celerium
  • 5 Day League Shield - 250 celerium
  • 7 Day League Shield - 300 celerium

The cooldown period for each shield (the time it takes before it can be purchased again) is twice the length of the shield in question.

As of update 1.9, players are able to receive league shields from Supply Drops from the Landing Zone.