Elias Walker: It was twelve years ago, when the Federation's military threatened all of South America. Their leader, General Almagro, demanded all U.S. born citizens be imprisoned or executed. It was Rorke who convinced Washington to let the Ghosts solve the problem. The US sent an invasion force to destroy the Federation. Rorke led us to eliminate Almagro. But Rorke became obsessed with him. He talked of the man as if he were a bounty. And it was clear he would stop at nothing to claim that prize.


"Legends Never Die"
July 8th - 12:46:13
Caracas, Federation Capital
Elias Walker

[12 years earlier]

Elias (voiceover): To us, Rorke was a legend. The man could walk through hell and not get burned.

US helicopters are flying through Caracas, the capital of the Federation. A helicopter is shot down.

Elias (voiceover): Ghosts were the best of the best, but Rorke was the reason we were feared.

Gabriel T. Rorke: We are here for one man! Almagro! Follow my lead!

The Ghosts' helicopter lands. They disembark from it. Elias pulls out a Remington R5 with a Red Dot Sight.

Rorke: Merrick, Ajax, left flank! Elias, you're with me!

Radio chatter can be heard between the pilot of the Ghosts' helicopter and Command saying that the Ghosts have disembarked.

Rorke: Overlord, patch me through to Iron Horse.

Overlord: Roger.

Radio chatter from tanks can be heard. The Ghosts engage enemies. The friendly tanks fire on the enemies. Suddenly, enemy tanks comes in.

Rorke: Enemy armor! Get to cover!

An enemy tank destroys the friendly tank covering the Ghosts.

Rorke: Iron Horse Two-Four, we need support. We're pinned down by enemy tanks.

Iron Horse 2-4: We're almost there.

A friendly tank bursts through a wall and fires at an enemy tank, destroying it. But the friendly tank is destroyed by another enemy tank.

Rorke: Head to the parking garage!

The Ghosts run inside a parking garage. An enemy tank fires at the Ghosts, causing debris to block the entrance to the parking garage.

Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson: We're blocked in now.

Rorke: Keep it tight. Follow me.

They go up the parking garage and come to the edge where they can see an enemy checkpoint. Enemy cars and missile launcher trucks drive through on the road. Enemy helicopters fly overhead.

Rorke: Enemy checkpoint. Hold your fire. Helix Four, we've got eyes on a heavy convoy running parallel to our position.

Helix 4-7: Copy, Actual. I see them. Swinging back around for a gun run. Danger close.

Rorke: Here they come. Stay back.

Helix 4-7: Firing.

Friendly helicopters fire at the enemy convoy. One of the missile launcher trucks gets stuck on a barrier.

Rorke: Go loud!

The Ghosts open fire on the enemy soldiers.

Once the area is clear...

Rorke: Stop the missile truck! Right side!

Elias climbs onto the stuck missile truck and stabs a soldier coming out of the hatch. He then drops a grenade into the hatch and jumps off. The missile truck is freed from the barrier and moves forward but is blown up by the grenade.

Rorke: Good work! It's down.

Ajax: There's still one more!

Thomas A. Merrick: Then, let's blow that one, too.

They engage more enemies.

Merrick: We've got about a dozen targets.

Rorke: Don't let that launcher fire! Move up!

They push towards the missile truck.

Rorke: Move! Stop the launcher! Take that launcher out!

The missile truck prepares to fire.

Merrick: The SAM's gonna fire!

Ajax: What the hell is it targerting?

Rorke: We gotcha covered. Just take out the launcher! Stop the launch!

As Elias reaches the missile truck, it fires, knocking Elias back and blowing his helmet off. the missile hits a dam, causing the water from the dam to flood into the city. Elias gets up and puts his helmet back on.

Rorke: We've gotta get off the street. Move!

The city begins to flood. They run into an alley.

Merrick: C'mon! Let's go! The city's flooding! We need to move!

Rorke: Down the alley!

The water comes in behind them. As they move forward, the water in front of them causes a truck to block the exit.

Merrick: Shit!

Rorke: In here!

They run into a building. It begins to flood. They climb up to a higher part of the building.

Rorke: Keep moving! Look for higher ground!

Merrick: Don't stop running! Through here! Go! Go!

Rorke: Up the stairs!

They climb up some stairs and decide they are safe from the flood.

Rorke: Catch your breath.

Merrick: Permission to speak freely?

Rorke: What is it?

Merrick: I think we should call this one. I mean, that asshole just flooded the damn city and took out half his own guys.

Rorke: And half of ours, too. We're Ghosts, Merrick. We finish the mission.

Merrick: Yeah, but this is different.

Rorke: Anything else you wanna say, Sergeant?

Merrick: No, sir.

The building rumbles.

Ajax: This place isn't gonna hold.

They reach a door.

Rorke: It's hot out there. All right. Let's go get this son of a bitch.

Rorke peeks through the door.

Rorke: At least three tangos. Ten meters.

Merrick: Stay alert.

They sneak through the door. An enemy can be seen trying to pull his friend up onto the roof.

Rorke: On you, Elias.

Elias shoots an enemy.

Rorke: Go loud!

More enemies come in. The roof rumbles.

Merrick: This roof isn't holding!

Ajax: What do you want to do about it?

Rorke: Keep engaging targets!

The roof begins to collapse.

Ajax: The roof's going!

Rorke: Hold on!

The roof collapses and they fall into the water. Elias is swept through the city by the currents. He manages to hang on to a metal bar. But a truck causes him to fall back into the water. In the water he finds the body of a soldier.

Rorke: Grab my hand, Elias!

Rorke pulls Elias out of the water into a building.

Rorke: I gotcha! Looks like it's just you and me now, brother.

Elias pulls out a knife as all his other weapons were lost in the flood. Enemies can be seen in the room ahead.

Rorke: Follow my lea... Shit! Stay down!

They hide under the water. The enemies walk by. Rorke kills an enemy that gets close to them. They go into the hallway where the enemies were. Rorke finds a fire axe inside a fire extinguisher compartment.

Rorke: This will be useful. Hold up.

Rorke peeks around the corner.

Rorke: Two more up ahead. Go under here. I'll flank around.

Elias goes under some debris to flank the enemies while staying underwater.

Rorke: We'll take 'em out on your mark.

Elias stabs one enemy in the leg then in the throat while Rorke kills the other one with the fire axe.

Rorke: Grab a gun off one of these guys.

Elias picks up a Bizon from one of the enemies.

Rorke: Priority one's surviving. Let's get to higher ground.

They go up some stairs and through a door to a balcony.

Rorke: Just like old times. Eh, Elias? The city's falling apart. We're losing our window fast. It looks like this is the only way to go.

They jump onto a bridge connecting two buildings. The bridge begins to break apart.

Rorke: It's gonna break apart.

They manage to get to the other side just as the bridge breaks.

Rorke: Hold up.

Two enemies are seen in the area ahead.

Rorke: On your mark.

Elias kills one enemy. The other tries to get away.

Rorke: One's getting away!

Elias kills the running enemy.

Rorke: Up the stairs!

Multiple enemies are seen on the roof while a chopper is trying to extract them.

Rorke: Multiple Tangos! Open fire!

They engage the enemies. The chopper flies away. They clear the area.

Rorke: Clear! On me!

Merrick: To any callsigns on this frequency, please respond. This is Ghost Two-Two.

Rorke: Got you in the clear, Merrick.

Merrick: Rorke? We have eyes on Almagro, but are taking fire! Just west of the hotel.

Rorke: Roger. We're on our way.

Rorke kicks down a damaged brick wall and jumps down. Elias jumps down as well.

Rorke: Looks like we're saving Merrick's ass, again. Alright. We regroup, then we take Almagro.

They jump down into the water and engage some more enemies.

Rorke: Use the water for cover.

They clear the area.

Rorke: Let's go!

They approach Merrick's position.

Rorke: Merrick, watch your fire. We're approaching on your six. Coming in from above.

They jump down to Merrick and Ajax's position and engage enemies in the parking garage across the street.

Merrick: Nice of you to join us! We thought your luck had finally run out.

Rorke: Start laying down some fire!

Merrick: We tracked Almagro to the Hotel. He's still there.

Rorke: We gotta get across!

Merrick: Any ideas?

Rorke: Yeah. Follow me!

The flood brings a bus between the Ghosts position and the parking garage, creating a bridge for them to cross. They cross the flood on the bus into the parking garage and engage more enemies. As they push towards the hotel, they see an enemy helicopter flying above.

Ajax: Helo inbound!

Rorke: They're picking up Almagro. We gotta move!

Merrick: We gotta get through that building!

Once the area is clear...

Rorke: Elias, Merrick, you're with me. Ajax, cover our six!

They reach a door to the roof and burst through it. The helicopter, having picked up Almagro, begins to take off.

Rorke: Run! Jump!

They run towards the helicopter and jump into it. Merrick punches an enemy and hands him over to Elias, who shoots him. Merrick and Rorke are busy fighting other enemies.

Rorke: Get him!

Elias tries to shoot Almagro but he dodges and punches Elias in the face, knocking him down. Almagro then tries to shoot Elias but Rorke jumps on Almagro. Elias then picks up a P226 and shoots Almagro, killing him. The helicopter goes down.

Merrick: We're going down!

Ajax: Hold on!

The helicopter crashes and Elias blacks out.

Merrick: Everyone good?

Elias comes to. Almagro's body can be seen.

Rorke: We're too heavy. Elias, I need you to...

The helicopter shifts and begins to fall. Almagro's body slides down. Elias manages to grab on to a wire. Rorke starts to slide down but grabs on to a ladder.

Merrick: Shit! Rorke! Somebody, grab him! The whole thing's shifting!

Elias grabs Rorke's hand through the ladder.

Merrick: It's breaking apart! We gotta move, now! What're we dong here, Elias? We can't save him!

Rorke: Elias.

Merrick: We're too heavy! You gotta let him go!

Elias let's go of Rorke. Rorke and the helicopter fall into the water.

Rorke: Elias!

The screen fades to black.

Hesh (voiceover): So what did you do?

Elias (voiceover): I made the hardest decision of my life. I let him go, and saved the others.

The mission ends.