Lehmkuhl CoD UO
Appears in Call of Duty: United Offensive
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations Either 101st Airborne
Nationality American
Status K.I.A.
Sex Male
Death January 13th, 1945
Weapon M1A1 Carbine
Level "Foy"

Lieutenant Lehmkuhl was an American officer who served with the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment who served during World War II as featured in Call of Duty: United Offensive.


Lieutenant Lehmkuhl takes part in the Assault on Foy with the rest of 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR on 13 January 1945, possibly working as a liaison between infantry and armor elements. The initial assault became pinned down, with FlaK 88 assault guns zeroing in on the M4 Shermans of the 11th Armored Division. Lehmkuhl hops a fence, linking up with Sergeant Moody's squad. He orders Moody to have his sniper eliminate a German spotter who is direct artillery fire onto the American assault. However, his order is cut short when a German sniper manages to score a direct impact to Lehmkuhl's head.