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Call of Duty 2
Russian vs German
Leningrad, Russia
Console Codename (PC)

Leningrad is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 2.


Leningrad, like Railyard and Moscow, are snowy maps. In Leningrad, however, more buildings are present than ever. There is a house on each side of the spawns of the map, each with two floors. On the German side, there is a hole on the 1st floor that will lead to the basement, where a path will lead out to the back of it. Next to the house is where the flag would be in Capture the Flag - by two tall objects resembling silos. On the Russian side of the map, the building's second floor has a hole in the wall which will fall out of the building. In that area is a fence that will curve around to an MG nest at the north. In the building to the north, there are stairs that will lead to a second floor full of glass-paned windows. This area is usually for sniping. There is a broken hole on the 2nd floor of the north building, and going into it, it will lead to a connecting, but higher roof. This area overlooks all the area between the German's building, and the building itself. On the south side, there are more connecting buildings, but with almost no second floors. In the center of the map is a huge building, with a blown up second floor full of views of everywhere around it. Any gun is useful here, but is prone to grenades is camping ensues.




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