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Leper Point of Contact CoDG
A Leper highlighted by Feral Instincts
Appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Level Point of Contact

Lepers are a type of Cryptid that appear in the Call of Duty: Ghosts mode Extinction

Their only appearance is during the Challenge "Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds". Feral Instincts are most helpful to find it due to the instinct's ability to outline every Cryptid on sight.

The Lepers' behavior is much different compared to a Hunter which makes it stick out from the others most likely. The best way to identify them is by using Feral Instincts and looking at further parts of the map. They resemble a Hunter, therefore they're easier to identify at an earlier stage on Regular or Casual difficulty, where Hunters aren't common.

Despite the flare's ability to lure Cryptids towards itself, Lepers aren't affected (same as Rhinos), unless it's thrown nearby.


  • Lepers seem to be teratisms, as instead of attacking the enemy, they keep some distance towards the player and run away if being approached.
  • Lepers can attack the player(s), if it is attacked and is right next to the player(s). They do the same damage as Scouts.
  • On extremely rare occasions, Lepers will attack the drill.
  • Should the Leper die by a Vulture Drone, it will result in an automatic failure of the challenge.

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