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Les Ormes
Cod3 les ormes
American vs. German
Small town in France.
Type of Combat
Long-range to close quarters combat
Campaign Map

Les Ormes is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 3.


Les Ormes (Pronounced 'Lehz Orhme') is based on the real town "Les Ormes" in France during World War II. Les Ormes is one of the most popular maps for Online Multiplayer play on the PlayStation 2, along with "Eder Dam." Players can drive or ride in the sidecar of motorcycles, on any of the VERY long stretches of road; the driver can run over enemies, killing them instantly, and the passenger can fire weapons, albeit with a limited arc of fire. The motorcycles can be destroyed; but spawn shortly at main points of the map.


Les Ormes is very open and very large, yet ideal for small team battles at the same time. One side of the map has a small two story barn, which houses a motorcycle and is next to a large field and the main road. Players can also gain access to the roof of the barn and fire down on their enemies.  Near the barn, on the other side of the road are a row of signs labelled "Minen".  If the player walks into the minefield they will be killed immediately. The other side of the map has a larger two story building complete with rooms and a motorcycle, it can only be reached through either of the main road.

Because motorcycles play a big role in this map, there is a very large road that goes all around the map in an infinity sign like shape "∞". Players are able to ride a motorcycle and literally access any part of the map, as the very long road covers much terrain. In the center, the road splits of into smaller roads but soon get cut off by inaccessible parts of the map.

There are several houses that can be used as a base of fire, although they all have multiple points of entry, making them difficult to hold. There are numerous alleys between the buildings that are great places to put antipersonnel mines and/or engage in close-quarters fighting.


  • Despite the fact that the map looks rather open to the naked eye, the player cannot go further than the small signs not far from the road.
  • The player can get on the large biege coloured roof building by using the wall next to it.


Call of Duty 3 Les Ormes match

Call of Duty 3 Les Ormes match

A match on Les Ormes.