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Lockdown mode is a feature in Gorod Krovi which requires the player to defend the Hatchery from four waves of zombies and Russian Mangler Soldiers.


Lockdown mode is initiated when all players in the game are in the Pack-a-Punch area and press the buttons to "release the crystal". The first three waves are random and only one side of the area needs to be defended, while the fourth wave requires the player to defend all three sides. A Max Ammo is available by the Pack-a-Punch Machine when needed. If the player completes lockdown mode, they will receive the Dragon Strike Controller from the crystal case. More Lockdowns begin if the player places the Dragon egg into the incubator to obtain the Gauntlet of Siegfried and downloads data onto the computer chip. However, when the player is defending the computer chip, the lockdown consists solely of Russian Mangler Soldiers.