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Bare Load Screen Lookout MW3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Spetsnaz vs. Delta Force
Desert, Urban
Face Off

Lookout is a small Face Off map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and is designed to be played with the Face Off gamemode. This map takes place on the hills of Afghanistan in a Forward Operating Base. 



MW3 Lookout Get Out of Map02:54

MW3 Lookout Get Out of Map.

Getting on the rooftops on Lookout

New! MW3 "LOOKOUT" Face Off Gameplay! - Modern Warfare 3 New DLC!06:47

New! MW3 "LOOKOUT" Face Off Gameplay! - Modern Warfare 3 New DLC!



Lookout FOB Raven MW3
  • As stated by an employee of Infinity Ward, it is possible to get outside the map via an easter egg, but the outside is teeming with mines.
  • There are One Man Army Bags laying around the Delta spawn.
  • The factions in pre-release screenshots, video, and through Elite service at release are listed as Inner Circle and SAS when they are actually Spetsnaz against Delta Force.
  • Internally, this map is listed as mp_restrepo, which refers to the documentary Restrepo about U.S. soldiers stationed in a Forward Operating Base very similar to the one portrayed in this map.
  • A sign names the FOB "RVN" and features the logo of Raven Software. WI refers to Wisconsin, where they're based, and 608 is the area code for much of southwestern Wisconsin.
  • There are two miniguns located inside one of the forts of the map, but they can only shoot out far outside the map boundaries.

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