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Lozano WaW
Lozano taking cover.
Appears in Call of Duty: World at War
Rank Corporal, later Sergeant
Affiliations United States Marine Corps: Marine Raiders (Carlson's 2nd Marine Raiders Battalion), 1st Marine Division
Status K.I.A.
Sex Male
Race Caucasian
Weapon BAR, Thompson, M1911
Level Semper Fi
"You like that, you piece of shit?!"
— Lozano after killing his Japanese captor.

Corporal Lozano was a Marine Raider under the command of Sgt. Tom Sullivan in the raid on Makin Atoll. He was seen on Makin Atoll shooting a Japanese officer out of a hut and over a balcony with an M1911, before joining the other Marines. Lozano was killed in battle shortly after.


  • If the Japanese officer is killed before Lozano shoots him over the balcony, Lozano will pull out a Thompson instead of his BAR.
  • Lozano will continue with the player if he survives the machine gun area. He can be killed by the booby trap or by getting stabbed by a Bayonet. He will be with the player up to the beach area, where he will be blown up by a grenade.
  • At the beach area, if Lozano dies, Rooker will die as well, and will be replaced by a random soldier with no radio.
  • If Lozano made it to the "Fake Death Soldiers" Lozano will be the one killed instead of Rooker.

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