For a similarly named pistol, see M1911.
M1941 menu icon WWII
Weapon Class


Magazine Size

25 rounds (37 w/ Extended Mag)

Starting Ammunition

25+75 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

25+150 (MP)

Fire Mode


"Automatic rifle with a fast fire rate and moderate damage."
— Description

The M1941 is an automatic rifle that appears in Call of Duty: WWII.


As of the beta, the M1941 is a low damage-per-bullet rifle. Although it is capable of a three shot kill up close, it drops to a four shot kill relatively quickly. However, this weakness is somewhat remedied by a high rate of fire, which is the highest rate of fire in its class. As well, the M1941's four-shot kill range is very long, and can score four-shot kills across the vast majority of sightlines on many maps. In fighting multiple enemies, however, the M1941 has a tendency to struggle as a result of its high rate of fire and its 25-round magazine, which is depleted rather quickly.

The M1941's main strength lies in its accuracy. The recoil is very controllable and creates only a slight upward pull. Combined with its lower damage profile, the M1941 may not work as well as other assault rifles at closer ranges, but excels at medium to long range, where its accuracy largely negates the slower time-to-kill. As well, the M1941 boasts very clean iron sights, reminiscent of the FG42 from previous games, largely removing the need for an optical attachment. The low recoil, high rate of fire, and low damage creates a rifle that handles somewhat similarly to Call of Duty 4'M4 Carbine.

The Quickdraw Handle is one of the better attachments to use on this weapon, allowing players to more effectively utilize the weapon by more quickly accessing the M1941's deadly ADS accuracy. The Grip is largely unnecessary, since the recoil is already quite controllable by default, but the player can choose to equip it to enhance accuracy at longer ranges. Extended Mags is also quite useful, as the increased magazine capacity will allow the player to engage multiple enemies at once. All other attachments, including optical attachments and Advanced Rifling, are largely unnecessary as they provide little benefit.


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