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For the assault rifle variant, see M27.
M27-IAR Menu Icon CoDG

48-32 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

x1.05 Head

Weapon Class

Light Machine Gun

Magazine Size

100 rounds (150 w/ Extended Mags)

Starting Ammunition

100+100 (MP & Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

100+400 (SP & Extinction)
100+300 (MP)

Rate of Fire

· 750 RPM (SP & Extinction)
· 705 RPM (MP)
Rapid Fire:
· 830 (MP), 882 (Extinction)

Range (explanation)

M27-IAR range CoDG


Low to Moderate

Fire Mode


Used by


Cost (Extinction)$3000
Squad Points7
"Fully automatic. Moderate recoil and rate of fire with consistent damage over range."
— Description.

The M27-IAR is a light machine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


The M27-IAR appears several times in the campaign, being used by Federation soldiers in "No Man's Land", "Struck Down", "Homecoming", "Clockwork", "Atlas Falls, "End of the Line" and "All or Nothing".


The M27-IAR can be a devastating weapon at extreme ranges, and has small recoil tradeoff. The recoil can be a hindrance at longer range gunfights, so a Grip may be needed in those situations. A Silencer can also be added on without much range being taken out, and can be used for players to avoid attention for longer streaks. A Muzzle Brake could be an essential waste of an attachment slot; due to the already magnificent range. The mobility is slow, with a moderate rate of fire, so it favors a player hoping to hold a position while holding enemies down as opposed to running around and gunning enemies at point blank. In all, the M27-IAR can be used as an extremely effective way to hold a key point or position. It has a huge disadvantage on speed/mobility. The aim time is slow at 350 ms, which is regular for the LMG category. It has a horrible hip-fire accuracy and the low rate of fire can be trouble some with going against CQC weapons such as Shotguns and Submachine Guns. Quickdraw and Steady Aim can help out with those problems of aiming and hip fire, but Rapid Fire would make the gun a bit inaccurate as it will intensify the recoil to difficult levels, unless the Grip is paired with it.

This weapon possesses unique advantages in that it has the fastest reload speed in its category, slightly mitigating the use of Sleight of Hand; however, it is still a recommendation. The iron sights of the weapon are unconventional in appearnce, with the rear sight resembling a crescent moon, yet they are clear; however, they are almost never used because this weapon performs much better at extreme ranges, where the iron sights lose their good clarity. However, compared to other LMGs, the M27-IAR is statistically the worst at close quarters combat, where the sheer good performance of the Chain SAW kicks in, where that high fire rate of the LSAT helps, and where that useful two-shot kill of the Ameli is ever-present. Due to this, many players should have a much more close-range sidearm ready for use. This makes getting the Green Camouflage one of the hardest camouflages for this LMG.


The M27-IAR is found in Extinction mode, in Point of Contact. It can be found after the first barrier hive near the entrance of the city, on the wooden platform between the first two hives. It costs $3000 to purchase making it the costliest weapon in the game alongside the Chain SAW. Compared to the other Light Machine Gun in the map, the Chain SAW, the M27 is a much more reliable LMG due to the faster reload time, higher damage per bullet, and the ability to ADS, as well with a major range boost. However, the Chain SAW is a much better weapon for closer engagements. The M27 is best used like its Multiplayer counterpart: holding off important positions and using it over longer ranges. Due to the extremely long range and good damage per bullet, it is arguably the best weapon to tackle on the Scorpions.


The M27-IAR appears in Safeguard, and is obtained from Support Drops. It comes with a VMR Sight and a Flash Suppressor.

It is extremely effective, especially in medium-long range, since it is a LMG. It has a high magazine capacity, the highest out of all the weapons in the game mode, of 100. Due to its low rate of fire and slow aim speed, however, it may not be effective in close-quarters. It is also not effective for run-and-gunning, due to its low mobility. It is good if camping in one area, however.







For attachments images, see M27-IAR/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see M27-IAR/Camouflage.


NEW COD Ghosts Gameplay - M27 IAR LMG (Call of Duty Ghosts Online Gameplay)05:19

NEW COD Ghosts Gameplay - M27 IAR LMG (Call of Duty Ghosts Online Gameplay)

M27-IAR gameplay.

Call of Duty Ghosts M27 IAR Review Gameplay19:51

Call of Duty Ghosts M27 IAR Review Gameplay



  • The handguard of the M27-IAR appears to have two zip tie strings on it. It seems that they are used to hold the foregrip in place.
  • The upper left quarter of the rear iron sight appears to be broken off.
  • The M27-IAR has an angled foregrip by default, even when the attachment itself is not used.
    • Interestingly, the Create-A-Class icon for it shows it without the fore grip.
  • The M27-IAR has an unfolded bipod; this is simply an aesthetic feature and has no effect on the performance of the gun.

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