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For the semi-automatic variant, see Mauser C96.
For the weapon class of the same name, see Machine Pistol.
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Machine Pistol
Damage 30-19 (MP)
Weapon Class Pistol
Magazine Size 10 rounds (15 w/ Extended Mag)
Unlocked Level 35
Starting Ammunition 10+30 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 10+80 (MP)
Reload Time 1.5s
Rate of Fire 722
Fire Mode Fully-Automatic
Used by Waffen-SS
Console codename(s) ger_m712
"Full-auto machine pistol that offers a quick damage output."
— Description

The Machine Pistol (known as the M712 in the alpha stage and game files) is a fully-automatic pistol featured in Call of Duty: WWII.


The Machine Pistol is the sidearm of choice for the Waffen-SS. Soldiers will mainly use it while in Last Stand; however, they may also draw one in the middle of a firefight. If they are killed while doing this, they will drop their Machine Pistol, allowing it to be picked up and used.


The Machine Pistol possesses a cyclic rate of fire comparable to most of the SMGs in addition to possessing good handling traits, typical for a handgun. Its main downside, however is its extremely small magazine size, at just 10 rounds which, for an automatic weapon, is pitifully low. As a result, Extended Mags is a must as without it, the player will burn through their ammo very quickly, leading to extremely frequent reloads.

Quickdraw and Steady Aim are both solid choices for improving the Machine Pistol's reactivity and handling, making it a faster-drawing sidearm and giving it better hipfire respectively, while High Caliber can yield some occasional benefits for more accurate players.

Full Metal Jacket and Advanced Rifling are ill-suited to the Machine Pistol, as pistols fare very poorly when shooting through surfaces while the benefit provided by Advanced Rifling is negligible due to the Machine Pistol's low base range.

Akimbo is a rather situational attachment as even though dual-wielded Machine Pistols can be deadly up close, the inability to aim down sights greatly restricts the gun's effective range and the small magazine size does not cater well to unaimed fire. Extended mags can once again remedy the magazine caveat somewhat.

The Machine Pistol is a great candidate for a sidearm to bring alongside a sniper rifle (like the Lee Enfield) or any other weapon that is ill-suited close range combat and can to some extent even hold its own against other automatic weapons.

In the November 9th, 2017 update, the Machine Pistol was nerfed to have decreased damage range values.[1]