MM1 Grenade Launcher Menu Icon BOII
MM1 Grenade Launcher
Weapon Class


Magazine Size

24 grenades


5 challenges in Old Wounds

Starting Ammunition

24+0 (SP)

Maximum Ammunition

24+48 (SP)

Rate of Fire

120 RPM



Fire Mode


Used by

Jonas Savimbi

HUD icon

MM1 Grenade Launcher Pick-Up Icon BOII

"Drum loaded semi-automatic grenade launcher."
— Create-A-Class Description.

The MM1 Grenade Launcher is a Special weapon available for use in the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It can be unlocked by completing five challenges in the mission Old Wounds. It is also seen in the hands of Jonas Savimbi in the mission "Pyrrhic Victory".

The MM1 is incredibly powerful, with a massive magazine storage of 24 rounds. However, the player's mobility is highly decreased while the MM1 is equipped, and the rate of fire is very low, more so than the War Machine. The MM1 has no iron sights, so instead, the player zooms in and the reticule stays on-screen to stand in for the lack of sights.


  • Despite it having 24 grenades per magazine, the weapon model appears to have only 12 tubes in its cylinder.
  • The MM1 will clip through the ground if swapped for another weapon.

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