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For a similarly named weapon, see MSMC.
For a similar weapon, see Type 95.
MSBS Menu Icon CoDG

55-20 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

x1.4 (Head)
x1.0 (Neck) (x1.4 w/ Semi-Automatic)
x1.0 (upper & lower Torso) (x1.1 w/ Semi-Automatic)
x1.0 (upper Legs)
x0.8 (Arms, Hands, lower Legs and Feet)

With Automatic Fire, all parts of the body except the head have a multiplier of 0.9x

Weapon Class

Assault Rifle

Magazine Size

30 rounds (45 w/ Extended Mags)

Starting Ammunition

30+270 (SP), 30+60 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

30+300 (SP), 30+180 (MP)

Reload Time

3.03s loaded, 2.63s empty

Rate of Fire

895 RPM per burst (448 overall) (SP)
833 RPM per burst (491 overall) (MP)

Range (explanation)

MSBS range CoDG



Fire Mode

3-round burst
(Optional attachments: Semi-Automatic or Automatic Fire)

Used by

Thomas Merrick
Logan Walker

Squad Points8
"Highest damage in class. Three round burst weapon. Fast rate of fire in full auto."
— Description.

The MSBS is a bullpup three-round burst assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. This weapon used to have a damage profile similar to the Type 95 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. However, after a patch, the weapon got a damage multiplier of 0.8x to the feet, lower legs, hands, and arms, and its fire rate per burst was decreased from 895 to 833 RPM. Two-shot kills are still possible to all other parts of the body. After another patch, the overall rate of fire was increased via the time between bursts being reduced from 0.2 to 0.15 seconds.

The 0.8x multiplier is noteworthy because if, out of two shots, one shot hits an area that does not have this multiplier and another does, this will still not result in a two shot kill. This is because one shot will do the normal 55 damage (at closest range) while the other will do 44 damage, which only adds up to 99. This is to ensure that two shot kills only result from headshots or hits to the upper leg and up. Also, this multiplier means that it now may take up to as many as seven shots to kill at long ranges, and will usually result in needing one more shot to kill if even one hits the feet, hands, or arms.

The iron sights of this weapon can be very obstructive for many players, so Red Dot Sights and the like are very beneficial for this weapon. Besides the opticals, the other attachments are entirely up to what the player wants or needs. Many players like to use a Muzzle Brake to enhance the long range capabilities of this weapon. Besides the act of stealth, the Silencer is not a popular attachment to use on this weapon, as Muzzle flash isn't a problem in most cases due to the utilization of an optical, and the fact that the much needed range of this weapon is hampered. The former also ensures that the Flash Suppressor attachment is a less viable choice.

Modifications are optional, but one that truly belongs to the MSBS is the Full-Auto fire mode, which makes this weapon very different and gives it an all-new feel. However, the fully automatic variant eats ammo very quickly, and that the vital stats of this weapon are cut down on using this attachment. Nonetheless, using the attachment is the only way to get the "Full-Auto Master" patch, because it is the only weapon that supports this attachment. Considering other attachments, there is little need for the Semi-Automatic attachment, as the MSBS can already kill in two shots and is already a burst weapon in itself. Armor-Piercing can be considered, but the MSBS users won't commonly find themselves fighting against Ballistic Vest users and Juggernauts, and even then, the MSBS' low rate of fire will be a major letdown if the player happens to encounter a Juggernaut face to face. Extended Mags will effectively add in 5 more bursts, which can be extremely useful, but many players will not have room to fit it in with their arsenal unless they sacrifice a vital attachment in the form of their optical or their Muzzle Brake, or if they use it in conjunction with Extra Attachment.

In general, the MSBS holds a niche with powerful and reliable burst fire, and should be played off of its niche, whether it be holding down positions, or simply going against distanced players with huge amounts of power, the MSBS will not disappoint when used correctly.





Under Barrel



For attachment images, see MSBS/Attachments.


  • "CK47" can be seen written along the side of the weapon in green marker.
  • The MSBS' serial number is 400998.
  • The MSBS is one of the two Bullpup assault rifles, the other being the FAD.
    • The MSBS is also the third burst weapon to sport a Bullpup configuration, the others being the FAMAS and the Type 95.
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