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"Double action, 5-round revolving cylinder shotgun that lets you run and gun in style."
— Description
MTS-255 Menu Icon CoDG

60-13 (x8) (480-104) (MP)
(100-32 w/ Slug Rounds)

Weapon Class


Magazine Size

5 rounds

Starting Ammunition

5+15 (MP)
5+30 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

5+56 (SP), 5+40 (MP)
5+70 (Extinction)

Rate of Fire

285 RPM

Range (explanation)

MTS-255 range CoDG

Fire Mode

Double-Action (Semi-Automatic)

Used by

David "Hesh" Walker

Cost (Extinction)$2000
Squad Points8

The MTS-255 is a revolving shotgun that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


During the mission "No Man's Land", lieutenant David "Hesh" Walker finds an MTS-255 in his abandoned house, commenting "Never thought I'd see this again", which implies that he had used the shotgun once, or that his family owned it. The weapon is also used sometimes by the Federation; several MTS-255s can be seen as well scattered throughout Federation areas. Hesh also uses it in "Clockwork" in his disguise.


The MTS-255 is the second most expensive shotgun in multiplayer, costing eight Squad Points. It does slightly more maximum damage than the Bulldog at a close range and has nearly three times as much initial range before the damage drops. When ADS the recoil will recenter faster than the Bulldog due to the slower fire rate and higher center speed. This is especially useful considering that the MTS-255 has the second tightest ADS spread. However, the MTS-255 may lose in certain gunfights where its lower fire rate will let it down. It also has the second worst damage at range, only behind the FP6 at 13 damage per pellet. Although the ADS spread may allow for most pellets to connect at these ranges, it's more likely that your shot will not to do enough damage to kill. To help with these situations, the Muzzle Brake would be great as it will extend your range by 15%. The Foregrip may be useful to help keep your sights on target, but this will only matter at the extents of your range. However, it's effects are still useful and there is no downside to having it besides an attachment slot but this isn't much of a disadvantage as the only other attachments left are the Silencer, Slug Rounds and the optical attachments. The silencer decreases range for only a slightly muffled firing sound and stealth benefits. The Slug Rounds provide extended range with a single shot slug but sacrifices close range power and the slugs lose their lethality outside of a close range. The optical attachments do not provide any benefit whatsoever and are basically a waste of an attachment slot, but may be useful if used in conjunction with the slug rounds. It is also worth considering steady aim due to the fact the MTS has the worst hip fire spread, so even at close range hipfire is inconsistent.


The MTS-255 appears in Extinction on Point of Contact and Nightfall. In Nightfall, it is located in the first area, leaning against a container door (this door does not open at all), and can be purchased for 2000 points. In Point of Contact, it is in the cabin area, in the first area of the crater. If the weak points are not hit, the MTS will always require more than one shot to dispatch even a Scout, making it very ineffective considering reloads are frequent, and that only 5 shots can be made before the character must do so. The Bulldog is a much better option for a shotgun, even found earlier in "Point of Contact", but much later in "Nightfall".


The MTS-255 appears in Safeguard, and is obtained from Support Drops. It comes with a Red Dot Sight and a Muzzle Brake.

Overall, it is only really effective in close-quarters, and in later rounds is not that effective against any enemies due to its statistics. Therefore, it is usually only effective for the early waves, unless the player finds a camping spot that is very close-quarters based.




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