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For the utility in Exo Zombies, see 3D Printer.
For the utility in Zombies (Treyarch), see Mystery Box.
Magic Wheel IW

The Magic Wheel is a utility in Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It gives the player a random weapon much like the Mystery Box or 3D Printer.

Overview Edit

The Magic Wheel is a large roulette wheel with a transparent, blue colored beam emitting from it into the sky to show the players its location. There are glowing lights upon the front of the wheel, with bright neon text saying "Magic Wheel". When the wheel is spun for 950 points, music will play as the weapon changes type upon the middle of the wheel.

The Magic Wheel is plugged into the wall via an electrical cord. In a Magic Wheel spawn location where the Magic Wheel is not currently present, there is instead a deactivated Magic Wheel with a notice on the front saying "Out of Order".

When the player rolls a plush doll, it means the current Magic Wheel is used up and will teleport to a different spawn location. When the doll appears, the player will remark its location movement as a laughing noise is heard. The space man doll and the Magic Wheel will shoot up into the sky, removing the beam, and refunding the player's points.

Use Edit

In order to spin the Wheel, the player must be next to the Wheel and press and hold the 'use' button. When activated, the available weapons will randomize until a weapon is chosen. This process takes about four to five seconds. If the weapon is not picked up within ten seconds (the time is shown by the weapon descending into the Wheel), the Wheel will reset and it will be able to be spun again in two seconds. It costs 950 points to use, regardless if the player takes the weapon or not. If the player receives the space man doll, the player will receive a refund and the Wheel will relocate somewhere else on the map.

If a player receives the Fire Sale power-up, all Wheel spawns will be occupied and the price for a weapon will be 10 points, but only for 30 seconds.

Spawn Locations Edit

Zombies in Spaceland Edit

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