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Mammoth Landing Awakening CoDG
Leader(s) Ancestors
Appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Country Ball's Pyramid, Australia
San Diego, California, United States of America
Type Cryptid
Level Awakening
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The Mammoth is a enemy featured in the Extinction map Awakening and Exodus.


The appearance is similar to that of a Rhino, except that it has a blue glow (similarly to a Phantom) and a blue inscription on its forehead.


Mammoths are the strongest non-boss aliens in Extinction to date, in the regard that they have a significant amount of health and armour, and are easily capable of downing a player in a matter of hits, even if using Armour. Unlike Rhinos, they are capable of digging underground and re-emerging next to players. Sometimes, he will summon three Hunters to fight alongside him.

The Mammoth does not spawn at random intervals, however. The Mammoth will spawn at various locations, most of which are next to Lockers, Schematics, and/or an ARK. It is advised to kill the Mammoths before doing anything else within an area, as they can randomly spawn during the scanning of an Obelisk, making it very difficult for the player to proceed unless accounted for.

In the first area, it is a common tactic to activate the Electric Trap in the middle, and having players lure the Mammoth into the trap. This can also kill its Hunters, but the Mammoth can still dig underground and completely evade the trap, making it important to get damage on it.

Killing a Mammoth comes with a massive price of 2000 points. It should be noted that the Mammoth cannot be converted by Hypno Traps or the Hypno Knife.



  • A Mammoth is featured in one of the Extinction Relic backgrounds, given when the player completes a mission with at least three relics activated and was in the game long before the Mammoth was added.

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