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For the bio-weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, see Manticore.
Manticore profile BO3
Used by Common Defense Pact
Sarah Hall (dream sequence)
Original Nikolai Belinski
Weapons 30mm triple-barreled mini-gun
Anti-personnel rocket launcher (Campaign)
Javelin surface-to-surface missiles
Explosive spear launcher (Zombies)

The Manticore is an enemy vehicle/mech that appears in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III campaign as a unique boss encounter and in Gorod Krovi being piloted by Original Timeline Nikolai Belinski. It shares a similar structure to the P.A.W.W.S. mecha, but is significantly larger, more heavily armed and armored, and has the capacity to run autonomously or be operated directly by a human pilot.

Because of this, unlike a P.A.W.W.S., the Manticore has a cockpit to accommodate a human pilot.


Production historyEdit

  • Produced: 2049-2051
  • Number built: <100


  • Weight: 2.8 tons
  • Length: 2.9 meters
  • Width: 4.5 meters
  • Height: 4.4 meters
  • Crew: 1
  • Operational range: 200km
  • Speed: 22 km/h on-road, 15 km/h off-road


It is significantly more maneuverable than a P.A.W.W.S., capable of leaping distances of several dozen feet in a single bound.

The Manticore is also significantly more heavily armored than a P.A.W.W.S., requiring dozens of hits from high explosive weaponry to bring down, compared to only a handful of direct hits from explosives to kill a P.A.W.W.S.

Because of its large size and the fact it is being operated directly by a human pilot, the Manticore cannot be hacked with Cyber Core abilities.


The original version of Nikolai Belinski can be seen operating a Manticore mech during the intro cutscene for Gorod Krovi. While it has kept its minigun armament, its rocket launcher is replaced by what seems to be a powerful spear launcher that has explosive spears.

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