For other weapons, see Crossbow and Explosive Tip Crossbow.
Manual Crossbow Menu Icon BO2
Manual Crossbow
Weapon Class


Magazine Size

1 bolt


5 challenges in Karma

Starting Ammunition

1 + 15 (SP)

Maximum Ammunition

1 + 32 (SP)

Fire Mode


HUD icon

Manual Crossbow Pick-Up Icon BOII

"Fires explosive bolts that detonate a short time after impact."
Create-A-Class description.

The Manual Crossbow is a secondary Special weapon available in the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It uses the same model as the Crossbow from Call of Duty: Black Ops; albeit the only difference is that the Manual Crossbow has no attachments and some differences in the color. The Manual Crossbow can only shoot explosive tip bolts and cannot switch to ordinary bolts unlike in the previous game. It is unlocked by completing five challenges in the campaign mission "Karma".  

Gallery Edit


  • The Manual Crossbow has no crawling animation. Instead, it simply disappears off-screen when crawling, like in previous games.
  • "You had me at crossbow" is written on the circular bolt near the fletchings.
  • "Vengeance Black Ops 2" is written on the side, under "Bingular Military Industries".

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