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Marion Mason
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Affiliations Mr. Mason (father)
Alex Mason (brother)
Dot Mason (sister)
David Mason (nephew)
Marshall (husband)
Status Alive (as of 1966)
For other uses, see Mason.
"If you need a place to go, my door is always open to you. The kids would love to see you, too. Their hero uncle Alex."
— Marion to Alex

Marion (née Mason) is the sister of Alex Mason. She sent a letter to Alex's C.I.A. account under the name Sis-Letter1.txt.


A few years after Alex Mason headed off to the Marines, their mother grew ill and the doctor stated nothing could be done to save her. Their father sent a letter to both siblings and asked them to visit their mother in her last few hours. After Alex fails to reply or return home, she and her father sent another letter to Alex stating what he did was unforgivable.

Marion then states that she, Marshall and their kids are heading back to Renier.

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