"Scramble the biometric locks on 2 enemies' weapons, locking them from being used for a time."
— Description
Weapon Lockout cyber core icon BO3
Weapon Lockout
Weapon Class Cyber Core
Unlocked N/A (purchased)

Mass Weapon Lockout (initially Weapon Lockout prior to being upgraded) is a Martial cyber core in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The default version locks down two enemies' weapons while upgraded version locks down four at a time. Enemies will attempt to unlock their weapons if not killed.


This core is one of the more useful abilities in the campaign, capable of instantly disabling multiple enemies' weapons at a time, giving the player much time to get rid of them.

The core's extremely fast cooldown time helps with efficiency. The core can be used on Warlords to very little effect, as they will often unlock their BRM within a matter of seconds.