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For the attachment in previous games, see Shotgun (attachment).
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Master Key
Magazine Size 10 rounds (SP)
8 rounds (MP)
5 rounds (ZM)
Starting Ammunition 8+15 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 10+60 (SP)
8+45 (MP)
5+40 (ZM)
Fire Mode Fully-automatic
"This gun has an under barrel shotgun."
— Description

The Master Key is a Gun Perk featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


The singleplayer version of the Erad submachine gun is equipped with a Master Key by default.


In multiplayer, the Master Key is only available to the Epic Cerberus variant of the Erad.


In Zombies, the Masterkey is available to the Cerberus variant of the Erad, just like in multiplayer.