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Mauler menu icon IW
Weapon Class

Light Machine Gun

Magazine Size

80 rounds (120 w/ Extended Mags)


Level 13 (MP)
Level 37 (ZM)

Maximum Ammunition

80+320 (SP & MP)

Fire Mode


Used by

Special Combat Air Recon
Solar Associated Treaty Organization

HUD icon

Mauler HUD Icon IW

"Full-auto heavy ballistic weapon. An experimental gaussian delinker channels ultra-rapid fire into a tight hip spread."
— In-game description

The Mauler is a light machine gun in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


When all side missions are completed, the Mauler unlocks the Heavy Mauler upgrade, which slows the weapon's fire rate in exchange of firing heavier, damage-dealing rounds.

In multiplayer, the Heavy Mauler appears as the Epic gun perk Heavy Hitter. The main cosmetic difference is a significantly larger barrel to fire 50mm Jackal rounds.


  • Weapon Type - Light Machine Gun
  • Bullet Type - Ballistics
  • Special Features - None

Multiplayer Edit

The Mauler is unlocked at level 13. It has a tight hipfire spread due to the integrated gaussian delinker, thus enabling a surprised Mauler user to simply swing around and pull the trigger on the target.

The Mauler Mammoth variant was updated on February 3rd, 2017 to reduce movement speed and increase ADS time[1].

Attachments Edit

Optics Edit

  • Reflex - Unlocked at weapon level 1.
  • Scout - Unlocked at weapon level 4.
  • Trojan - Unlocked at weapon level 6.
  • VMC - Unlocked at weapon level 8.
  • ELO - Unlocked at weapon level 11.
  • Thermal - Unlocked at weapon level 14.

Other Edit

Variants Edit

Name Rarity Gun Perks Cost (Salvage) Notes
Zeal Common Readiness 200
Ballast Common Stability 200
Grizzly Rare On Point, Creeper 500
Rechamber Rare Refund, Steady 500
Ruin Legendary Nuclear, Haste 2000
Mammoth Epic Heavy Hitter, Sharpshooter 4000
Sentinel Epic Slicer, Haste 4000


The Mauler is available from the Magic Wheel for 950 points. It is available for customization at level 37.

Mauler vs Mangy Mutt vs Rabid PackEdit

Mauler Mangy Mutt Rabid Pack
Mauler IW Mangy Mutt IW
Fire mode Automatic Automatic Automatic
Magazine size 90 120 175
Max ammo 450+90 600+120 999+175
Extras Higher damage, larger magazine, more ammo

Gallery Edit

For camouflage images, see Mauler/Camouflage.
For attachment images, see Mauler/Attachments.
For variant images, see Mauler/Variants.

Concept artEdit

References Edit

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