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For the sniper variant, see Maverick-A2.
For the trophy/achievement called "Maverick" on Xbox, see Flying Ace.
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50-24 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

· x0.95 (Limbs)
Semi-Auto & Burst:
· x1.4 (Head & Neck)
· x1.1 (upper & lower Torso)

Weapon Class

Assault Rifle

Magazine Size

· 30 rounds (MP)
· 40 rounds (Extinction)
Extended Mags:
· 45 (MP)
· 60 (Extinction)

Starting Ammunition

30+60 (MP)
40+120 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

30+180 (MP)
40+320 (Extinction)

Reload Time

2.6s loaded, 3.133s empty

Rate of Fire

Full-Auto & 3-round burst:
· 652 RPM
· 501 RPM


· Medium (Low for first 3 rounds)
· Low w/ Foregrip (Very low for first 3 rounds)

Fire Mode

(Optional attachments: Semi-Automatic or 3-Round Burst Fire)

Cost (Extinction)$1500
Console codename(s)


"Fully automatic. TRENSYS Hyper-Velocity Rounds provide devastating damage at close range. Moderate stability and fire rate."
— Description.

The Maverick, known within the game files as the RM-22, is an assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The weapon can be accessed by purchasing the Onslaught DLC for $14.99, or paired with the Maverick-A2 in a separate pack for $3.99.


The Maverick has the potential to kill in two hits to the head and body in close quarters, much like the MSBS. However, if even one shot hits any part of the limbs, it will require three shots to kill. The two-hit kill ability makes the Maverick the only automatic weapon in Ghosts, aside from the Ameli, that can kill in two shots without headshots or the use of Deadeye. However, to balance this high damage, the two shot kill range extends to only 7 meters (this can be slightly increased with Muzzle Brake and is decreased when using a Silencer). The Maverick has a slow rate of fire with moderate kick and reduced recoil for the first three shots making firing in bursts at longer ranges beneficial to staying on target. The iron sights are very clear and allow accuracy at all ranges, making the need for an optical attachment not as high as on other weapons.

The iron sights may come off as very bizarre, but are clear and popular amongst more skilled players. If the player wanted to, they can use opticals, and they can work well due to its good power at longer ranges, which isn't perfect, but far from terrible. The Foregrip can be considered if one wants less recoil altogether, and goes in hand with the 15% recoil reduction on the first 3 bullets.

The Burst Fire and Semi-Automatic attachments are interesting on this weapon because of its very high damage at short range. Due to this, when using either attachment, only two shots are needed to kill at close range anywhere on the body, whereas with all other assault rifles two shot kills are only possible to the head, neck, and center mass area. The recoil compensation of this weapon will practically negate the extra recoil received when using Burst fire. This makes both attachments viable on the Maverick, though its slower rate of fire and noticeable recoil at long distances may be drawbacks.


The Maverick also appears in Extinction mode, in the map Nightfall. It is able to be bought at the very beginning of the game after the soldier that is killed by the Breeder drops it and in the area at the end when the player gets to the final battle with the Breeder. It functions identically to its multiplayer counterpart, albeit with a higher magazine count and much more reserve ammunition. While appearing at the very start of the game it is actually a very well-rounded assault rifle. Its moderate damage and quick reload speed compared to other weapons in its class make it one of the more worthwhile guns to buy. Even against the Breeder it does fairly good damage and can, in conjunction with other Mavericks or the LSAT, easily dispose of the Cryptid during the first encounter. It plays a very similar role to the AK-12, as both assault rifles are found at the starting area, both cost $1500, and both have 40 round magazines instead of 30, plus have low rates of fire.

In Awakening, it is also available with the Ripper. The Maverick is found multiple times. One in the cave while heading from spawn and one near the Ark's entrance. In this map, the Remington R5, which also appears, is very similar to the Maverick. However the Maverick outmatches the Remington R5's statistics for the most part, having a lower cost and higher rate of fire.





Under BarrelEdit



For the attachment images, see Maverick/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see Maverick/Camouflage.


  • "TREN SYS" can be seen on the back of the iron sight.
  • "RM-22" is engraved on the side of the receiver. This can also be seen on the Maverick-A2.
    • On the Activision Support FAQ page for the weapon, it is referred to as the 'Maverick RM-22'. 
  • When the Maverick is equipped with a camouflage, the stock and handguard are not camouflaged, however with the Gold Camouflage it covers it completely except the iron sights.
  • It is possible to obtain the Maverick on private matches with bots, even if the player hasn't purchased the Onslaught DLC. It can be picked-up from a bot using it or even obtained from one of the Care Packages dropped in Hunted.
  • The Maverick does not have a strap in third person mode.

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