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For the assault rifle variant, see Maverick.
Maverick-A2 Menu Icon CoDG

88 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

· Head: x1.5 (x1.2 w/ Silencer)
· Neck & Upper Torso: x1.2
· Lower Torso: x1.2 (x1.0 w/ Silencer)

Weapon Class

Sniper Rifle

Magazine Size

8 rounds (12 w/ Extended Mags)

Starting Ammunition

8+16 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

8+48 (MP)

Rate of Fire

400 RPM

Fire Mode


"Semi-automatic. Uses custom LAB DIGITAL A2 Tracker Scope. Deadly from the waist up with moderate mobility and recoil."
— Description.

The Maverick-A2, or RM-22 as it's referred to within the game files, is a sniper rifle that appears in the first downloadable content pack, Onslaught, for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It has an integrated Tracker Scope. The Tracker Scope functions in the same way as the Tracker Sight but as a sniper scope.


The Maverick-A2 is a semi automatic sniper rifle and is tied with the VKS for the highest rate of fire in its class. It shares the same reload animation as the Maverick as well as possesses the fastest reload time of all sniper rifles. It has moderate recoil that may make follow up shots harder to place at longer distances, especially if using Chrome Lined. It has a Tracker Sight integrated into the default scope, though enemies using the Incog perk will not be highlighted. Statistically, the Maverick-A2 has the lowest damage among all sniper rifles, dealing only 88 damage (all others have at least 92). However, this is rectified by it having a higher damage multiplier of 1.2x to the chest and torso, whereas these areas normally have a multiplier or 1.1x on other sniper rifles. This gives the Maverick-A2 the same default one shot kill area as the USR.

Interestingly, when using Chrome Lined, it attains the greatest one shot kill area in the sniper class. Specific to the Maverick-A2, Chrome Lined will grant one shot kills to the entire left leg as well as the upper arms and right upper leg. This is different from other sniper rifles in that normally the left upper leg will not be granted one shot kills with Chrome Lined, as well as the multiplier on the left arm is applied to the upper arm instead of the lower part. These attributes combine to give the Maverick-A2 the ability to kill in one shot to every part of the body except the lower arms and right leg below the knee. The likelihood of getting one shot kills with Chrome Lined attached offsets its higher recoil, but should it take more than one shot to kill the increased idle sway and recoil will make secondary shots more difficult to get on target.





Gameplay VideoEdit

Weapon Guide Maverick AR & Sniper Rifle (DLC Weapon)-3(08:56)
Call of Duty Ghosts Maverick A-2 Gameplay Review DLC 2 out of 2-0(15:43)



  • In the top-right corner of the Maverick-A2's scope, there is a battery level indicator which always displays the battery level at 86%.
  • Attaching a silencer or the chrome lined attachment to the weapon does not change the barrel shroud on the front of the gun, though the effects of the attachments still exist.
  • Interestingly, using this weapon counts towards the Tracker Sight Operation.
  • Mounting the Variable Lens attachment allows the weapon to keep its Tracker Sight, meaning that the player has a Variable Zoom Tracker Sight.
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