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Micro-Missile Launcher third-person model BO3
Micro-Missile Launcher

450 (explosion)

Magazine Size

5 rockets

Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition


Rate of Fire

600 RPM


0.76 m

Used by

The Player

The Micro-Missile Launcher is a weapon featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, first appearing in the campaign level "In Darkness". The Micro-Missile Launcher fires small rockets which detonate on impact.


Much like the XM-53, the Micro-Missile Launcher is hybrid, and thus can free-fire and also lock on on certain enemies as well as robots.

Another Micro-Missile Launcher is available in "Life", near the entrance to the Coalescence Corporation headquarters. It also can be found later on in the mission within the Frozen Forest, on a rock next to the gateway leading to the Zürich part. The weapon is not available in the customizable starting loadout.


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