For other characters, see Petrenko.
Mikhail Zayev Petrenko
Appears in Call of Duty
Rank Colonel
Affiliations Red Army, 46th Guards Atillery Regiment
Weapon Possibly Tokarev TT-33

Colonel Mikhail Zayev Petrenko (Russian: Михаил Заев Петренко) is a 45 year old Colonel in Red Army and commander of the 46th Guards Artillery Regiment.

Game Info Edit

He and his batteries are stationed on the East bank of the Volga River during Russian counteroffensive to drive Germans out of Stalingrad. During September as the 13th Guards Rifle Division deployed another huge wave of troops numbering over 13.000 men into Stalingrad via rowboats, barges, and also steamboats. As the attacking unit and remnants of retreating 67th Guards Rifle Division units was pinned down and could not advance or even retreat at the base of the bluff, his unit was called upon by Major Zubov's subordinate to provide Artillery strikes upon defending Germans. His unit fired the shells massively, accurately, and then,completely destroyed the German machine gunners on the bluffs and the blockade of tanks and infantry in Red Square. Thus, rooted out any German resistance and breached a large chunk in German's defenses.

Trivia Edit

  • His voice could be heard briefly through radio as he tries to reconfirm the coordinates sent by Cpl. Petrovsky.
  • The name of some protagonists in other games in the Call of Duty series also share the last name of Petrenko; Yuri Petrenko in Call of Duty: United Offensive and Dimitri Petrenko in Call of Duty World at War.

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