Miller's Recon Team
K. Pyle being tortured Semper Fi WAW
The team being tortured on Makin Atoll
Appears in Call of Duty: World at War
Rank At least seven Privates, possibly two Corporals and a Sergeant.
Affiliations American Marine Raiders
Nationality United States of America
Death Majority of team, August 17, 1942

Miller's Recon Team was assigned to scout out Makin Atoll relatively on their own, and ended up getting caught, tortured, and most of them killed.

Miller and Cook were the only survivors of the recon team. K. Pyle's throat was slit, H. Nelson, M. McCord and Henderson were beaten to death, Luyties was executed and Cook was evacuated via assault raft right after being saved, leaving Miller to fight his way out with the Marine Raiders.

Two possible people on the recon team are Cpl. Lozano and Cpl. Rivera. Lozano is seen when he shoots a Japanese officer who stumbles out of a large hut. He may have been interrogated by the officer but Lozano could have had his M1911 all along and seeing the others rushing out to stop the Marine raid, pushed the officer down and killed him. Rivera is seen when the player takes the left onto a platform with Denny, Snider, and Slayback. Near the end of the platform one can see a Japanese soldier assaulting a Marine. If the player kills the soldier, the Marine will take cover and one can see his name is Cpl. Rivera. He could have tried to run away from interrogation hearing the Marines coming back. But a Japanese soldier caught up and started attacking him.

It is possible that other members of the team were imprisoned elsewhere, their fate being unknown. If a team consisted of at least seven Privates, odds are that there would be at least one other Private First Class, Corporal, and/or Sergeant. Although, there happens to be another Unknown Soldier tied to the post to the far left at the start of Semper Fi. It is possible that he could be the leader, or the leader could have been killed earlier.

When the player gets out of the hut, it is possible to see Marines loading Cook and the Unknown Soldier in a rubber raft and speeding off.[citation needed] If pointing one's gun over the other soldier in the raft quick enough it'll say his name is Corporal Gallagher.[citation needed]

In the trailer for World at War, at least eight Marine Raiders are depicted.[citation needed]

Personnel Edit

It is possible that not all of the members of Miller's team was specified, and that there were more elsewhere on the island. But of those specified, it is known about:


  • According to Alex Mason's information, his father, Mr. Mason, was wounded on Makin Atoll. It is possible that his father was a part of this team.
  • In Verrückt, one of the Marines may yell out "For Private Pyle!", indicating he knew Pvt. Pyle. For this to be the Marine had to be in Miller's Reconnaissance team.
  • In the start of the level, one can see Pvt. Henderson tied to a post already dead, but his name still appears as if he was alive.