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Pvt Miller (CoD2)
Miller, laying down covering fire
Appears in Call of Duty 2
Rank Private
Affiliations American 2nd Ranger Battalion
Status Alive/ K.I.A. (Player-Determined)
Killed By Artillery fire
Death December 8, 1944 on Hill 400 (Player-Determined)
Weapon BAR
For other characters, see Miller.
"Go, go, go!"
— His only words

Private Miller was a character in Call of Duty 2.


He was an American soldier of the 2nd Ranger Battalion who landed at Pointe du Hoc. He survived the initial fighting, and made it all the way to the small village. When about to infiltrate, another soldier commanded "Miller, do it.". Miller stood out in the open, acting as bait in order to get the Germans to show themselves. When none did, he called out "Go, go, go!", and the rest of the Rangers charged in. From that point he can be killed, though it's possible for him to survive.

During the Battle of Hill 400, Miller was killed during the second artillery fire. Though It Is Possible For Him To Appear In Crossing The Rhine.