Bodstopright Ztr
Mk. 22 Mod. 0
Magazine Size

8 rounds

Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition


Reload Time


Range (explanation)






Fire Mode


The Mk. 22. Mod. 0 is a silenced semi-automatic handgun in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). It is the allied side arm of choice and always has a silencer on it making for silenced kills. The Mk. 22 is the secondary weapon in every SOG mission and can kill with two shots at close ranges or three to five if the target is far away. It has an 8 round magazine and relatively fast reload. It is one of the few weapons that does not appear in the Zombie version (unless downed). In Multiplayer it is unlocked from the start for the allied faction, and making 150 kills with the Mk. 22 will unlock the M10. The Mk. 22 is also used when in Last Stand.



  • In Zombies, the player uses this pistol when downed.
  • In the mission "Cold Feet", when parachuting in the Soviet base one hand will hold the Mk. 22, the other will hold on the parachute. However shooting and then reloading will make a third hand appear and insert a fresh magazine.

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