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Mk 48 Menu Icon BOII
Mk 48


Damage Multipliers

Headshot ICON Symbol

Weapon Class

Light Machine Gun

Magazine Size

100 rounds (135 w/ Extended Clip)




Completing Time and Fate (SP)
Level 4 (MP)

Starting Ammunition

100+300 (SP), 100+200 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

100+700 (SP), 100+400 (MP)

Reload Time

8 seconds

Rate of Fire

625 RPM

Range (explanation)

Mk 48 Range BOII


Low (without Grip), Very Low (with Grip)



Fire Mode


Used by

U.S. Navy SEALs, Mercs

HUD icon

Mk 48 Pick-Up Icon BOII

"Fully automatic LMG. Increased damage and range."
— Description.

The Mk 48 is a Light Machine Gun featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


The Mk 48 is unlocked with Create-a-Class, and is unlocked automatically, allowing the user to equip the weapon whenever they desire. The Mk 48's main attributes are its high damage and accuracy, being able to kill in three hits up to extremely far distances, where it drops to four hits. However, its main drawback is its lower rate of fire (625 RPM) which cuts short in close quarters, offering a more stable approach. With its high-damage bullets, low recoil and high penetration, the Mk 48 is ideal for objective game modes and medium to long range engagements. Along with LSAT, its belt capacity is 100 rounds but has a long reload time.

Rapid Fire can be an effective attachment, speeding up the time to kill at close range significantly. While it will dramatically decrease range, the Mk 48's three-hit-kill range even with Rapid Fire is still greater than the default three-hit-kill range of the SCAR-H, and the number of shots required to kill only drops by a maximum of one.

Even without any attachments, the Mk 48 is quite a deadly weapon, although the player should generally avoid rushing and close quarters engagements as the weapon's low mobility and rate of fire suffer against other weapon types such as submachine guns. Longer sightlines and tight choke points are more preferred, where a prepared gunner can kill anyone attempting to go through. Although pinpoint, the Mk 48's sights can at times be obstructive and bulky (especially as muzzle flash can blind the user if a suppressor is not used), in which case optics such as EOTech Sight can prove useful. The Target Finder is very effective on this weapon as it allows valuable targeting for all ranges, especially in long sightlines; working perfectly with the Mk 48's gigantic damage and range. The Quickdraw Handle is also a great fit, decreasing the time to aim down the sights by 33%. As accurate shots are key in gunfights, Toughness is another great perk, as the player can be more accurate should the enemy get a shot on them. The Suppressor is a solid option to give the player a stealth bonus with the cost of a third of the three-hit-kill range. 

Because of its very high damage, impressive range, and already high penetration, FMJ is perfectly suited for the Mk 48. This allows for consistent kills through even medium and some thicker cover due to the Mk 48's best in class damage, which causes bullet damage to still be high even after going through materials. Because of this, the player need not worry about placing accurate shots on enemies concealed behind cover, as they can simply fire through it and expect more often than not to still attain a three-four shot kill.

Firing when crouched with the Mk 48 increases centerspeed (how fast it takes the sight to return to position after firing) by 10%, and firing while prone grants 20% faster centerspeed. This reduction in recoil makes firing while crouched or prone more accurate than while standing, at the expense of mobility.



For camouflage images, see Mk 48/Camouflage.
For attachment images, see Mk 48/Attachments.


  • There is a small drawn skull on the front of the magazine. This can be seen in Create-a-Class or with high FOV on PC.
  • Towards the end of the reloading animation, when the player is cocking the gun, the ammo belt clips through the box.

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