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Mob of the Dead Soundtrack Cover

Composed by: Treyarch
Published by: Activision Publishing, Inc. Developed by: Treyarch

Release Date: 4/23/13

Track listing Edit

Name Length Levels Facts
Where Are We Going 2:24
Mob of the Dead Theme 0:42
Round Start Montage 1:35
Cellblock Theme 0:29
Power Station Theme 0:49
Infirmary Theme 0:49
Afterlife Round Start Montage 0:35
Brutus Spawn Montage 1:04
Brutus Theme 0:55
Brutus Is Killed Montage 0:42
Defend the Dryer 1:16
Wardens Office Theme 0:18
Roof Theme 0:25
Stairwell Theme 0:41
Dock Theme 0:35
Shower Theme 0:45
Plane Is Built 0:45
Plane Takeoff 0:50
Standard Ending 0:24
Final Plane Takeoff 0:36
Good Ending 0:25
Bad Ending 0:32
Samantha's Lullaby 1:01
Underworld 1:54
Carrion 4:16
We All Fall Down 3:03

Total Runtime: 27:50

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