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"Please, do not disassemble. N31L lives."
— N31L's first quote upon being activated.



Nickname(s) Neil
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Status Functioning
Sex Masculine programming
Eyes Green (monitor)
Red (monitor; upgraded KITT form)
Race Robot
Level Zombies in Spaceland

N31L, also referred to as Neil as well as KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), is a character featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. N31L functions as a utility for the player, offering challenges that reward the player with a set amount of tickets whenever they are completed.

When all five challenges in one of N31L's three sets are completed, the player will have the option of calling in David Hasselhoff as a friendly AI. However, the Seti-Com cannot be built or turned in while Hasselhoff is active. Fully constructing N31L will grant the player a large XP bonus, as well as a contribution towards the Sticker Collector achievement/trophy.

After all three waves of challenges are complete, Hasselhoff can be called in at any time at the price of $5000.

Part LocationsEdit


  • Always spawns on a cart in front of the entrance to Polar Peak.

Auxiliary BatteryEdit

  • On top of a trash can to the left of the RPR Evo wallbuy in Polar Peak.
  • On the gift shop counter in Polar Peak.
  • In a shoe shelf inside the roller coaster room in the upstairs area of Polar Peak.
  • On a yellow cart directly in front of the Chromosphere.
  • On top of a trash can in the area above Bombstoppers
  • On a yellow bench between the Alligator Head and the DJ's booth in Kepler System.

Operating System (floppy disk)Edit

  • Guaranteed to spawn in the underground area; either on a bench or on a red tool cart.


First SetEdit

  • Kill zombies with melee (five in solo, 10 in co-op)
  • Get multikills (two in solo, five in co-op)
  • Kill zombies from a distance (five in solo, 10 in co-op)
  • Kill zombies while jumping.
  • Do not go into last stand.

Second SetEdit

  • Kill zombies without taking damage.
  • Kill crawling zombies.
  • Rebuild window boards (15 in solo, 30, 45, or 60 in co-op depending on how many players remain)
  • Kill zombies within a distance.
  • Dismember zombies' legs.
  • Defend [CHARACTER] (randomized; co-op only)

Third SetEdit

  • Kill zombies from the marked point (five in solo, 10 in co-op)
  • Do not bleed out (co-op only)
  • Dismember zombies' arms.
  • Kill zombies with headshots.
  • Kill zombies who damaged you.
  • Kill marked zombies before any other.

Trivia Edit

  • After the initial activation of the KITT Protocol, N31L will appear with a new color scheme of black with red stripes, as well as a red pulsing line on his face, mimicking KITT from the Knight Rider series.
    • Hasselhoff also constantly refers to N31L as KITT.
  • If the player attacks N31L, he makes an annoyed tone and his face turns red (before the protocol is activated for the first time).
  • N31L bears a resemblance to the R.O.B. accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • There is a "Kick Me" sign attached to the back of N31L.

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