For other uses, see Nova 6, Nova Gas and Project Nova.

NOVA is a gas station that appears in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


NOVA is one of the gas stations along with Keating. It appears in the campaign mission "Wolverines!". In Special Ops, it appears in the levels "Homeland Security", "Body Count", and "Big Brother". It is also the first and only gas station for the player to go in.

Also, in "Wolverines!", a piece of Intel can be found inside the gas station.

Prices for GasEdit

The prices for gas follows like this on the sign:

Regular $3.68
Plus $3.94
Premium $4.12
Diesel $3.99


  • The bathroom in the NOVA gas station is always open, but in Special Ops, it is locked.
  • There are Ice machines outside the NOVA gas station that say "Joe's Diner Ice", which may belong to Joe's Diner.
  • There are candies that say "Sweet & Sexy". They are also found on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Maps.
  • The $ sign and decimal are both missing on the gas price board. This is also the same as the Keating Gas Station.