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NX-1 Grenade
Weapon Class

Lethal Equipment

Magazine Size


Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition




Fire Mode


Used by

Rapid Reaction Force - CIF Team 1

For the weapon, see NX-1 Disruptor.
"The Disruptor Grenades can jam telekinetic effects."
"Godfather" Castle, when the player picks up the schematics for the NX-1 Grenades.

NX-1 Grenades, also known as Disruptor Grenades, are lethal grenades in Call of Duty: Ghosts. They are exclusive to the Extinction map Exodus. The NX-1 Grenades require the player to find the proper schematic along with the proper parts.


The NX-1 Grenades are extremely powerful, much like the Venom Grenades. When crafted, the player will acquire five of them. It is highly recommended the player saves them for the Ancestors due to their ability to disrupt the Ancestors' shield. This is especially important if the player hasn't yet acquired the NX-1 Disruptor.


  • Grenade Casing
  • Cortex Gel
  • Fuse

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