Defective robot handEdit

Defective robot hand collectible BO3
"A 3D-printed replica of a broken robot hand found in an Immersion, while receiving training as part of your induction into the Winslow Accord Cyber Soldier program. The hand would have once belonged to an early version General Purpose Infantry Unit; the design hasn't changed much from the ones in use today, but material science has come a long way. The older ones had more metal and less ceramic composite. Regardless, it would have still been deadly on a battlefield; had it not suffered some kind of an internal short that destroyed the actuators that drive the fingers."
— Entry description.
"That robotic hand isn't that different from your cybernetic replacement; they even share a number of internal subsystems. Even the control signals used to drive it are the same, issued directly from the robot's central processor, or by your DNI implant in response to your neural interface."
— Kane's analysis.

Bomb detonator capEdit

Bomb detonator cap collectible BO3
"This is a 3D-printed replica of an electrically initiated blasting cap, found while immersed in the Cyber Soldier training simulation. The scenario was based on a historical incident in which terrorists were intent on attacking the interests of the Coalescence Corporation, the company responsible for the supply of much of our battlefield robotics, as well as the technology behind the bulk of our cybernetic implants and our DNI systems. Comprised of an electronically triggered ignition charge and a small quantity of high explosive, encased in an aluminum tube, they are used to initiate explosions in larger quantities of stable, military-grade high explosives."
— Entry description.

Model maglev trainEdit

Model maglev train collectible BO3
"A 3D-printed (scale model) of the Swiss Mag Lev train encountered in the Winslow Accord Cyber Soldier program's training Immersion. The model floats over its base, "levitated" by a pair of tiny rare-earth magnets."
— Entry description.
"The magnets are a cute touch. The real thing uses an electromagnetic suspension system to float the entire train about 15mm off its track. Doesn't sound like a lot, but that's a 62 ton vehicle, floating and being pushed forwards at up to 500km/h. Those are some strong magnets."
— Kane's analysis

Premium liquorEdit

Premium liquor collectible BO3
"This is a reproduction of an extremely expensive looking bottle of liquor, found whilst in an Immersion of a commuter Mag Lev train while undergoing training for the Winslow Accord Cyber Soldier program. Unfortunately, being a 3D-printed replica, it neither contains, nor ever contained any actual alcohol."
— Entry description.
"Whoa. Ok, so that's a bottle of brandy that was bottled in 1824. The original would be 240 years old. Now I know that the designers of that simulation were likely trying to sell that Zurich is an affluent town, but finding that on a train has to be artistic license. The real thing would likely cost more than you or I earn in a year. Nice to see how the other half live, huh?"
— Kane's analysis.

Train passEdit

Zurich train pass collectible BO3
"This is a 3D-printed replica of a rail map found in the Cyber Soldier training immersion's representation of the Zurich Mag-Lev train system. The real thing is a triumph of miniaturization and cost reduction, acting as both a season pass to the city's advanced Mag Lev transport system, as well as an interactive map. The ticket's integrated touch-sensitive e-ink display allows the owner to plan journeys as well as track their current journey's progress and share ETAs with their contacts in the event of a delay."
— Entry description.
"Only in Zurich. It's not like those things are that expensive to produce - but the town likes to wear its tech credentials on its sleeve."
— Kane's analysis.

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