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Nick Reyes
Reyes IW
Nickname(s) One-One
Slick (by Nora Salter)
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III (easter egg)
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Rank Lieutenant (formerly)
Captain of the Retribution
Affiliations SCAR
Nationality American
Status K.I.A.
Killed By Nora Salter (indirectly)
Flying shrapnel leading to suffocation
Birth United States, Earth
Sex Male
Height 6' 4" (1.93 m)
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Race Caucasian
Death May 8th, Tharsis Shipyard 02, Mars' Orbit
Weapon Kendall 44, NV4, EBR-800, Volk, Karma-45, Mauler, P-LAW, Reaver, Type-2, R3K, Erad, KBAR-32, DCM-8, R.A.W., F-SpAr Torch and any weapon obtained in Campaign.
Equipment Frag Grenade, Combat Knife, Grappling Hook, Seeker Grenade, Hacking Device, Retractable Shield, Shock Grenade, Anti-Gravity Grenade, ATAD, T.A.R. and any equipment obtained in Campaign.
Timeline Infinite Warfare Timeline
Actor Brian Bloom
Level All except Rising Threat
"Lieutenant Nick Reyes is CO of the Naval Special Operations Task Force: SCAR (Special Combat Air Recon) Team 1. This naval commando is the consummate warrior. His leadership of SCAR Team 1 has been exemplary and Admiral Raines has repeatedly recommended him for promotion. Following a field promotion, he now serves as acting Captain of the UNSA Retribution."
Captain's Log

Commander Nick Reyes is the main protagonist of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He was initially a lieutenant before he was promoted to be the captain of the Retribution after its previous captain, John Alder, was killed in action following the ramming of the SDF Olympus Mons during the Geneva Attack.

Reyes previously appeared as an Easter egg in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III map Nuk3town to represent a teaser for Infinite Warfare.



After meeting with Admiral Fredrick Raines to discuss the SDF's most recent attack on Europa, Reyes met with Nora Salter and Raines' secret project, the E3N robot, to commence the Fleet Week celebration. Their celebration was cut short as the city's AATIS guns opened fire on the fleets. Reyes, Salter, Raines and Ethan fought their way across a chaotic Geneva in order to reach the AATIS Tower, where they found SDF Commander Akeel Min Riah attempting to take control of the guns. Riah was subdued consequently, while Reyes, Salter and Ethan flew to outer space in their Jackals to assist the warships in their battles against the SDF fleet. While initially successful, the fleet was then caught off guard by the appearance of the Olympus Mons, led by SDF Rear Admiral Salen Kotch. In an attempt to drive off the enemy force, Retribution then-Captain John Alder commanded the ship to ram the Mons, despite Reyes' and Salter's protests.

Becoming Captain of the Retribution Edit

Reyes and Salter returned to the ship, intending to meet up with Captain Alder to demand explanation, only to find him along with the ship's executive officer dead as a result of Alder's own actions. As the highest-ranking officer on board, Reyes was immediately given control of the entire ship. As Captain Maureen Ferran of the Tigris arrives on board, Reyes, Ferran and all personnel on board were briefed of the situation with the SDF by Admiral Raines. Raines then promoted Reyes to Commander and made him the Captain of the Retribution. Immediately, Reyes made his first move by commandeering an operation to free the Lunar Space Port from the grasps of the SDF, cooperating with the Marines led by Staff Sergeant Usef Omar.

Operation Port Armor Edit

On his first mission as Commander, Reyes leads Salter, Ethan, Omar, along with several Marine troops including Sean Brooks and Todd Kashima to retake the Lunar port from the SDF. After initially rescuing the workers on the port, Reyes encounters a near-death situation: as a Warden gunship opens fire on their area, the windows are broken, sucking everyone out. Reyes tries to grab hold on to Salter, but fails and slams his helmet on a crate, cracking it and causing oxygen to leak. The group desperately tries to run for a safe area, with Reyes barely escaping suffocation. After sweeping through the base and cleaning out the remaining SDF ground forces and ships, Reyes takes the battle to outer space as they attempt to assist Captain Ferran in battling the Ares Vallis, commandeered by SDF Captain Bradley Fillion. Reyes manages to breach open the ship's bridge, causing Fillion and all inside to die of suffocation. Reyes retrieves Fillion's key card, allowing access to the ship, as well as a location of all SDF ships based in the Solar System. The group makes their escape and blows the Vallis to oblivion. As Reyes and the crew return to the Retribution, Kotch begins to broadcast footage of him rallying his troops for the upcoming battle.

Hunt for SDF's Most Wanted Edit

The intel received from scanning Fillion's card reveals various SDF ship locations, allowing Reyes to plan out missions ranging from ship assaults to Jackal strikes, taking out several high-ranking officers of the SDF, thinning out their ranks.

Operation Burn Water Edit

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Operation Dark QuarryEdit

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Operation Black FlagEdit

Reyes eventually devises a plan to lure the SDF fleet to Geneva, where they would use the AATIS guns to destroy the fleet. By utilizing Riah's transponder, it would give the SDF fleet the all clear to invade Earth. Unfortunately for them, Riah managed to escape custody and destroyed the AATIS guns and his transponder before committing suicide, giving the all clear signal for the SDF Fleet (including the Olympus Mons). Admiral Fredrick Raines was then killed by the Olympus Mons after its F-SPAR laser weapon fired on the UNSA HQ. With the mission now having gone haywire and with no other options, Nick decided to change the primary objective to securing the Olympus Mons and eliminating Admiral Salen Kotch. Nick uses the opportunity to board and commandeer the Olympus Mons. He and his team manages to breakthrough to the bridge and eliminate Admiral Kotch, effectively taking control of the Olympus Mons.

Assaulting the SetDef's Orbital Shipyard and DeathEdit

After realizing that they have been stranded on Mars, he quickly rallies the remaining survivors to launch a desperate, final assault to infiltrate the SDF's Orbital Shipyard. During their attempt to breakthrough, most of survivors have been killed including Victor "Gator" Diallo, Ebele Yetide, Lee Boggs and Maynard Griffin, with him and a few of his team, they managed to get to the SDF Shipyard. Reyes is killed when he orders the warship to fire on his position. He is thrown out the command center and grabs onto said warship until another one collides with it. Bits of debris hit his helmet consecutively, until a massive piece of shrapnel shatters the glass, resulting in him suffocating from lack of oxygen.


"Listen up. The Front is unaware we control the Olympus. We're going to Mars. Ethan, set a drop course for SetDef's Orbital Shipyard. We'll use their own ship against them and launch a full assault from the Olympus bridge. The Front destroyed our fleet. Let's do the same to them."
— Nick, as he explain about their plan to assault on SetDef's Orbital Shipyard on Mars.
"Nora, finish the mission! That's an order!"
— Nick's last words as he orders Salter to fire on his position.


Concept artEdit

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