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Nikolai Badanov
Nikolai Badanov
Appears in Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Rank Lieutenant, later Major
Affiliations Red Army
Nationality Russia
Status Alive
Race Caucasian
Weapon PPSh-41, Mosin-Nagant, Scoped Mosin-Nagant, DP-28, Kar98k, MP-40
For other characters, see Nikolai.
"I live for the day when we grind Berlin beneath our tracks!"
— Nikolai Badanov

Major Nikolai Badanov (Russian: Николай Баданов) is a playable character in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Since he is a Major, he is one of the highest ranking playable characters in the entire series.


Badanov was an engineer who left his wife and infant son in the care of his parents in Leningrad to join the Red Army. He was assigned to a tank crew in the 24th Tank Corps (consisting of him, Sgt. Dimitry Petrov, and Sgt. Fyodor Belinki) because of his aggressiveness and skill with machinery.

Soon after the defense of the factory, which harbors a lone T-34 tank, led by sniper Tanya Pavelovna. Nikolai's tank crew comes to retrieve it. Tanya and her spotter Aleksandr Sokolov escape with Nikolai, while the tank destroys a German Panzer along the way. However, the tank was experiencing some engine trouble, so Badanov, Petrov, Tanya, Sokolov, as well as a few others had to protect Fyodor as he was fixing the tank. Tanya's position was hit by tank fire some time later, making the tank crew think she and her spotter were dead. The tank was fixed shortly after, and it proceeds to headquarters.

Nikolai stops at the headquarters and gets orders to deliver a radio to a some spotters. The spotters radio had broken down and the General wasn't receiving co-ordinates of German tanks to destroy with Katushya rockets. Tanya gets carried in shortly after, wounded, but still alive. Soon after, they drive through the ruins of Red Square, Nikolai drives the tank to the train station where the spotters are. While his crew stays behind, Badanov and two other soldiers fight through the station and deliver the radio to the spotters.

Soon Nikolai and his crew are involved in the Russian assault on a German airfield which was codenamed Operation Little Saturn. After fighting through the heavily defended area, Nikolai and other T-34s proceed to the German airstrip to destroy the remaining German planes and bombers. After destroying the airfield they meet up with more Russian soldiers to assault the command center. After breaking in Nikolai and his men find German documents and proceeds to deliver them to their superiors.

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