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Ninja Zombie
Ninja Zombies
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Active 1970s onwards
Level Shaolin Shuffle
Announcer Willard Wyler

Ninja Zombies are a Zombie type that appear in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode on the map Shaolin Shuffle.


Ninja Zombies appear in a cloud of smoke, whereby they will attack the player using Kung Fu moves. Their attacks are incredibly deadly, red screening the player with Tuff 'Nuff. They will first appear at Round 21, and they will disappear when shot at, and reappear close to the player to attack them, although after a few reappearances, can be shot down. What makes these zombies deadly is their random appearances and, in later rounds, when combined with the appearance of Roller Skating Divas they are deadly and can easily down the player.

Appearance Edit

Ninja Zombies look identical to one another, wearing a mask similar to the that of the Rat King's in shape. They also wear a Kung Fu outfit with a Black Belt.