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A map with Martin's writing on it.

Since 0000, No contact with HQ. no radio respond with orders ASAP.

6. Battery here still intact.

0040 Hours, contact with approx. 2 platoons of Fallschirm, village secured 0130. Enemy remnants fled south east. My strength 20 men, 4 enemy MG's. 0600 Hours enemy contact from every dir. approx. 2 platoons of Fallschrim   w/ tank.

Normandy Route N13Edit

Normandy, Route N13
JUNE 6, 1944
0815 hrs

Martin, Moody and Elder are driving along a forest in the black car. They encounter German resistance, who shoot out the windows, and they fire back. A German roadblock is set up down the road.

Elder: Uh... uh... that's a- that's a German roadblock! What now?

Moody: Gee I don't know, how about you try shooting the bastards!

Moody swerves the car to avoid the roadblock and smashes through a fence into a field.

Moody: ¡Adiós, amigos!

Moody continues driving through the field. He approaches a German convoy.

Elder: What the hell are you doing, Sarge?

He drives through a fence and past a German truck.

Moody: I don't know, sure hope it works!

He makes a u-turn and is facing the German convoy once again.

Elder: Hit it! Go! Go! Go!

With the Germans following and firing on them, they drive along the road.

Moody: Come on guys, stop 'em!

They continue on the road into a small town filled with German soldiers. They drive all over the town until they almost hit a tank. Moody reverses the car as the tank turns its barrel towards them.

Elder: Hit it! Go! Go! Go!

They manage to turn through an alley before the tank can fire on them. Moody continues driving, but reaches a dead end. He reverses as the tank comes up the alley after them. He accidentally reverses into a car. They exit the car and run away from the tank.

Elder: Oh hey, great. Good move! Remind me to thank the Captain.

Moody: Shut up Elder, and get your ass out! Let's go Martin, move it, move it!

The three escape into a destroyed house, with Germans inside.

Elder: I can't believe I agreed to do this...

Moody: You didn't remember? You volunteered.

The soldiers clear the house and exit out the back. They fight through a street and reach a house with a car in the driveway.

Moody: Elder, ever steal a car?

Elder: Only when I need one, Sarge.

Elder begins hotwiring the car so they can escape in it.

Moody: Martin, cover him! Damn it Elder, hurry up!

Elder: Workin' Sarge, I'm working on it!

Moody: Quit working and get done!

Martin provides covering fire for Elder against the approaching Germans.

Elder: Our father who art in heaven...

Moody: God's busy! This is on you!

Elder manages to hotwire it sucessfully.

Elder: I got it! I got it!

Moody: Yeah, well don't get it on me! In the car. Martin, cover us.

Moody and Elder get in the car.

Moody: Martin, over here. Get in the car.

Martin gets in the back seat.

Moody: Step on it! Get us out of here!

Elder begins driving the car.

Moody: Come on Elder, faster! Hit it!

Elder: I AM driving faster!

Elder crashes through some fences and gets back on the road.

Moody: Turn right. Right up here.

Elder: What's it look like I'm doing, dammit?

Moody: You mean besides getting us killed?!

Elder: Well hey, you didn't finish the job!

Elder turns right and speeds off away from the town. They reach a safe area.

Moody: We cleared the German lines. You can slow down Private.

He keeps driving.

Moody: I said, you can slow down!

Elder: Oh yeah, right. Sorry Sarge.

He slows down his driving speed.

Moody: Right turn, right here.

Elder: Yup, you got it. You got it.

He turns right down a road. They eventually reach a barn with American soldiers out front. Elder stops the car.

Moody: I gotta go report in to Major Sheppard and get our orders. Take five, but stay put.

Elder: Okey doke, Sarge. What the hell else am I going to do?

The level ends.

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