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This is a list of quotes for Nuketown Zombies.

Marlton JohnsonEdit

"No! My electronics are ruined!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"This device will prove my mental superiority once and for all."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"The (unclear) forces contained herein shall make me unstoppable!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"(Yawns, then groans) What an interminable waste. Just because one is different is not a valid excuse to simply banish him."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Execute them before they overwhelm us!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Grow a pair of eyes already, there are zombies on the damn roof!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Visibility here is near zero, what is the point?"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"I cannot believe this is the best route to where we were going..."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"They ask me to leave? I was the one reporting this disgusting behavior! Makes no sense..."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Please respect my personal space!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"The air is thick with the sounds of carnivorous beasts."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
— Upon knifing the shelter.

Demonic AnnouncerEdit

"Max Ammo!"
— Upon obtaining the Max Ammo power-up.
"Double Points!"
— Upon obtaining the Double Points power-up.
— Upon obtaining the Insta-Kill power-up.
"Fire sale!"
— Upon obtaining the Fire Sale power-up before round 25.
"Time for a Fire Sale."
— Upon obtaining the Fire Sale power-up after round 25.
— Upon obtaining the Nuke power-up before round 25.
— Upon obtaining the Nuke power-up after round 25.


"Get away!"
— A CDC soldier shooting a War Machine.
"Get down!"
— A CDC soldier shooting an RPG.
"Why won't you die?!"
— A CDC soldier shooting an S12. This quote is shared with Samuel Stuhlinger.

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